Spring Break and Parent’s Day

Spring Break happened awhile ago but I forgot to write about it! So much has happened lately and it seems as if every class demands some sort of group project. Ok, group projects….this blog is no such place for me to rant and rave about how group projects are the ironic failures of society because it is material deemed inappropriate. But in a nutshell, I am usually that one person who does all the work for the group while the majority of the others are stupid and do not contribute or lack any initiative to become part of the group, especially when it is too late.  I am working on two group projects right now and am frustrated to the point that I will play Chess against the computer. I used to be so good but now I lose all the time!

Anyway, Spring Break was a much needed vacation from here because I really needed to get away from all the homework and Army stuff, even there is never getting away from the Army! I went back to Tucson and immediately saw my friend Brandon that first night. I cannot remember every detail of break because I was lazy in blogging but I was able to see my friends Bobby and Therese on one of the mornings, went to dinner with Julie and Emily, lunch with Julia, caving with Michael, Brandon and Megan and a whole bunch of activities with people whose names none of you know. It was a lot of fun and a really good way to relax before coming back up here to study and work for the rest of the year. I love spending time with my family and being home just beats any vacation that I could wish for. I found out that my brother Michael is going to France to spend his Rotary Youth Exchange year abroad and I am so proud of him! I went to Germany with the same program four years ago and cannot wait for him to come back speaking fluent French. I just hope that he gets a good host family this time.

Parent’s Day was last Friday/Saturday in which Embry-Riddle invites all parents of ERAU students to come and visit here. My Mom and brother James came up on Saturday to see me although we didn’t partake in any Parents Day activities like we were supposed to. I showed them where I lived, my future roommates for next year and then took them out to lunch with my roommate Joshua. We went to Zeke’s and for those who know it, was delicious beyond their dreams and we were stuffed for the rest of the day. Afterwards they checked out the bookstore and went shopping for food and such before I had to say goodbye and they went home. My Mom loves going to outlets on the ride home so the usual 3 1/2 hour drive back to Tucson was some 6 hours because of Mom’s shopping! Poor James! I like it when she does that though because I know I’ll always remember it when I am not at ERAU anymore.

My brother James

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