April Events

Military Ball:

Last night on the 8th the Eagle Company of Army ROTC here at ERAU held its Military Ball at some Prescott casino. We had been hearing about this Ball coming up for awhile so our Company Commander Cadet Welch had to get lots of information out to us and pretty much had to organize the whole thing so that it would be a success, which it was. I asked my friends Lindsey and Rachel from ASU to come up and accompany me and my roommate Joshua to the ball and we all went together. The girls came here and we all got dressed up ready to go (I had previously had a minor crisis in finding a proper black jacket to go with my getup and thanks to my friend Jake I managed to find one and not appear like a fool) and we drove there in Joshua’s truck. The first few minutes were strange because I had never seen so many girls in the same place in Prescott (they were all dressed up too so it made it easier to identify them as girls). We got in line and mingled a bit and it was fun introducing Rachel and Lindsey to all my Army friends here. They even got to meet some of the cadre and I’ll admit that was a bit strange because I never imagined friends from back home crossing paths with someone as influential as the cadre.

By some act of God the four of us got seated together with possible the best table there and the ceremony started. Dinner eventually came along and the entire time I was just talking to two of the most favored MS-IVs and joking around with everyone as we ate our steak and salmon. Salmon was delicious, I ate fish because it was a Friday during Lent and it was not some cheap salmon that casinos serve, it was actually very good. The raspberry tart thing they gave us for dessert was amazing, here’s a picture of it, all the desserts were amazing as they were possibly the most important part of the evening! Dinner concluded and then dancing started for everyone because after all it was a ball. I’m not the best dancer and of course didn’t spend too much time on the dance floor. We went back after that and some of my roommates wanted to watch some movie. I figured that was too boring so I decided to take the girls over to our other friends’ room where we had a few exciting expeditions during the night. We played indoor Capture the Flag, went on an ice cream run, watched Night and Day and had some more mini-adventures while it snowed outside.


Great, now we have a PT test on Monday and it is going to be freezing!! The girls left this morning and I went out to buy a bunch of stuff in preparation for Mark’s wedding in a month. There is still snow everywhere and the JFTX is coming up but at least we’ll be in Fort Huachuca this time instead of the frozen tundra known as Fort Navajo in Flagstaff.

Some pictures from the Military Ball:Me, Mark and JoshuaProm King and Queen of Everything Joshua and Liesl "Danger" HallIm in sandals!!!So good

Joshua, Rachel, Lindsey and I

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