Blacklight Zumba

The clubs here at Embry-Riddle put so much effort into making sure the students have fun activities to attend. One of these clubs is the Zumba Club. Last night, the Zumba Club put on a “Blacklight Zumba” night, open to anyone and everyone who enjoys a good dance workout! The Lower Hangar was temporarily transformed into a dance party, with blacklights, upbeat music, and neon EVERYWHERE! It was so much fun! Students came with neon clothes and tennis shoes ready to get down!

It was such a good workout! I didn’t realize just HOW good until I tried to get out of bed this morning… and couldn’t move!

Aaaand this pretty much explains everyone. The whole night. It was pretty awesome!

I love the cool clubs at ERAU!

“Fun. It’s this crazy thing where people smile and laugh and are generally pleased.”

-Aggy Bird

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