Spring Break & Return

I went to France for spring break to visit my little brother Michael that lives there. The week and a half that I spent there was a lot of fun and filled with French pastries, cheese and wine along with the sights of France. My Mom brother and I visited all the normal tourist haunts such as Paris, including the Eiffel Tower, Parisian Catacombs and the Arc d’Triomphe, as well as Normandy where Michael lived. We saw several historical cities and the American Military Cemetary by Omaha beach. Unfortunately we had to return to the States to come back from Spring break and the semester kept going as if nothing had happened.
The first week back was already filled with presentations, papers and book reports that were due. It seems like the work all piled up because the weeks prior to Spring Break were filled with fun and a rather relaxed attitude. The first day that I was back Prescott was covered in snow that fell for about a day straight. It was funny watching some guy from the school shovel the paths and lay them with salt and then not 30 minutes after he was gone the snow would already have covered the paths he just cleaned.
Right now I am taking a break (actually procrastinating reading another book) and dreading writing yet another book report. Oh well, better get back to work, but hopefully I’ll find another moment to procrastinate very soon.

American Military Cemetery

Mont. St. Michel Castle

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