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I completely forgot to post about the events that happened before the much needed Spring Break. My friends Emily and Rachel came up to visit me from Tucson and wanted to explore Prescott and especially Whiskey Row now that we are all 21 years of age! Following a rather ridiculous stressful week of school and ROTC the girls came up in the afternoon and I showed them my new and much-improved awesome living arrangement. I showed them around the school and although I feared it would only take 15 minutes because it is not that big, it took awhile because I gave them the whole tour of everything our campus has to offer. Admissions would have been proud because I was able to show them all the major sites of ERAU except the Ops Lab (which is the best part) because it was closed. We see ACI, the Library, and our Student Union everyday but when you show these buildings off to incoming students or friends/family they seem much cooler than we actually perceive them because we see them everyday. After I showed them the campus I drove them around the city to get a premature look of what Prescott basically has to offer. We ended up eating dinner at the newest and most delicious site Prescott has to offer, Chipotle, and I got free chips. This may be because I had two beautiful girls with me, which is a rare site in Prescott, and even rarer for a Riddle guy to be hanging out with, except of course for the Queen of blogging Ms. Liesl Hall and our friend Lauren.
We came back to campus in time for casino night where we met up with Liesl, Lauren and our crazy friend Anna and joined a blackjack table. We didn’t leave that table the entire night and had some fun faux-gambling these colorful chips away (I didn’t know what each of them was worth at first so I just bet whatever chips seemed best at the time). I didn’t win anything, as usual, and Liesl didn’t win an iPad like she did last year, so we left before the crowds rushed the exits and went back to my dorm where we had a mini-smorgasbord with the Party Pack of Lime Eegee’s that the girls brought up. Ahh Lime Eegee’s is the 2nd best flavor, second only to Watermelon. Peach & Berries comes 3rd now. The school hosted an event called Spring Fling and it was held in the Student Union. It was packed and a lot of students came. I hope the school provides the dance floor, beverages and fun that it did this year because it was really a good idea.
The next day I took the girls to Chartwells and for them it was a new experience but for me it was another day in the Dolldrums. Chartwells is great, but like any dining facility you can’t help but get used to it after awhile. We went into Prescott again and explored downtown taking pictures everywhere and touring Whiskey Row. There was this shop inside Whiskey Row that lets groups of friends or family take silly picutres of Western times in which they dress up in costumes and pose for these ridiculous and in some cases, lewd, shots. I dressed as an outlaw, Rachel dressed as a cowgirl and Emily of course dressed as a loose saloon girl. We took tons of shots and had a blast doing so but only could keep a few. We eventually chose a few and took them home. That was by far one of the most enjoyable moments I have had in Prescott.
Every time people come to visit in Prescott I take them to Zeke’s because its the best restaurant here. The food was awesome and then we dared to eat The Brownie. It was massive but we did it after dying through a mountain of chocolate, a moat of hot fudge and a whole avalanche of whipped cream. We visited Buddy’s Casino right after just to look around and since we had just seen Contagion we, at least I, were afraid to touch anything. We met up with some of our other 21 year old friends and eventually went to Whiskey Row. Our friend Soren met us there and we had a really good time checking out Whiskey Row for the first time and just hanging out. The girls left the next day but it was by far one of the best weekends ever.

At Casino Night with the infamous Liesl Hall

At Casino Night with the infamous Liesl Hall

The Zeke's Brownie

Prescott Shenanigans

Best ever

So fun!

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