Life as a Junior

Hey Y’all!!!

So whether you’re reading this for the first time, or your a regular reader to the campus blog, welcome to my first post of the Fall 2013 semester! Life as Junior is awesome. As a member of AFROTC, I just completed Field Training over the summer, which was the adventure of a life time.

Completing Field Training was an accomplishment I’ll never forget

As an aerospace engineer, it is exciting to finally sink my teeth into my upper level engineering courses. Actually learning about aerodynamics and thermodynamics, plus all the lovely differential equations that go along with them, makes me feel like I’m starting to finally get the big picture of what aerospace engineering is all about.

Because of the new challenges of my upper level engineering classes, I’ve actually considered switching the focus of my major from aerodynamics to propulsion. This is because I’ve learned to love rockets and jet engines. What’s better then combing tons of liquid oxygen and hydrogen to create an explosion that sends man to the stars? I love studying new materials that are on the forefront of technology. If I focus in propulsion, it means that during my senior design project, I will be able to do a project such as designing, constructing, and testing a fully functional afterburner. Maybe I’ll even do a hybrid sold-liquid rocket motor similar to what a group did last year. Or maybe I’ll do a unique project like an air breathing hybrid rocket motor, or an exotic propulsion method that could send the next generation of human explorers to distant planets. The decision is really up to us students, and the possibilities are only limited by what you can envision. Someday I hope to apply what I learned here at Embry-Riddle and apply them to research that send mankind into stars for good, solidifying mankind’s common heritage of the universe.

See these shock cones? I get to study these. How awesome is that?

Life as Junior is excellent! For the first time I’m living off campus. The only downside to this is that I have to drive every day instead of walking, and gas is expensive. However, having my own house with two good friends as roommates is amazing fun. The classes I’m currently enrolled in are Digital Circuits plus the lab component, Air Force Leadership, Thermodynamics, Aerodynamics, and and MA 441 (advance mathematical methods for engineers). When I’m not busy doing homework for these classes, I enjoy taking advantage of the beautiful weather here in Prescott by inviting friends over and grilling steaks or going for a jog or hike. I enjoy the weekends by hanging out with friends and watching some football or Formula 1.

F1 is awesome. Plus being an aerospace engineer means I understand all the aerodynamics behind these cars

Overall, life is awesome as an Junior. I hope that whoever you are reading this can appreciate what we here at Embry Riddle do. I can’t wait to see where this year takes me, and I will be sure to let you know the amazing experiences I have!

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