Flying home for break?








If you plan on flying home for Christmas break it might be better to book those tickets now if you haven’t already!! Ticket prices can increase exponentially over the holidays as families try to get their loved ones together for the occasion, so don’t get stuck with out transportation or worse yet, a very expensive travel bill!!!

Most college students who have to fly home for the holidays buy their tickets months ahead of time. We like to do this because the tickets are cheaper, we can plan around our finals, and as Christmas gets closer we won’t spend most of your gift money on a plane ticket.

This is basically a plane ticket home from college

Buying a ticket and flying home by yourself may seem a little scary for those first timers but, don’t worry it’ll be fine. Its really not as difficult as it seems. What I would advise a first timer to do is research the luggage requirements, terminal location, and the baggage check process. Once you know what to do its really no big deal. It is also extremely important to arrive early at the airport and if possible have someone drive you. This way you don’t have to worry about parking a car or paying to park a car. It s a lot easier that way!!!

I hope these tips have been helpful šŸ™‚ Happy Holidays Everyone!!!

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