Being a Summer Programs Coordinator

Embry-Riddle offers a large variety of summer camps during the months of June and July.  Overnight, day, athletic, you name it, we got it.  These camps are designed for high school students who are just beginning to explore their college options or making a final decision.  I had the pleasure of working with about a dozen other ERAU students and our wonderful Summer Program’s Department in making sure the summer of 2013 was the most enjoyable for all attendees.  Being a Summer Program Coordinator is an ideal job for students who are taking summer courses, flying, or just want a steady pace job during the summer months.  Before our first group of campers even got to campus, we had spent months preparing.  This meant tons of paperwork, organization of supplies, coordination with our professors, moving into the dorms where the campers would be staying, and of course, becoming CPR and First Aid Certified.


The first couple weeks were hectic but my team of coordinators and the campers made it all a little bit easier.  I was shocked at how eager and bright the high school students were.  I mean, when I was 15, I definitely would not have been able to tell you every detail of a UAV.  I learned very quickly that this was not the type of summer camp where parents drop off their kids like a day care.  These students wanted to be here and they were ready to learn as much as they could in the week.  I think that living in the dorms with the counselors made the campers comfortable and made their experience more enjoyable.  However, when living in the dorms, as incoming students will learn their first year, stuff gets mixed up easily.  Like, say if your name is Adam White and you work an entire shift as Jeffrey Boudoin.

IMG_3623This kind of thing happened often but there’s nothing wrong with a good long laugh.  We honestly might have been having more fun than the campers at times.  Our team was made up of pilots, CFI, GSIS majors, engineers, and me (the lone physicist) which made for a creative environment.  The different mind processes brought innovative ideas to the table every week during our meetings.  This diversity also helped with our wide range of camps that we offer which can be found here,

For many, an Embry-Riddle Summer Program was a camper’s first experience away from home.  That being said, it was part of our job to make it as much fun as possible outside of the classroom lectures.  This included trips to Sedona, Ghost Tours in downtown Prescott, dinners, movies, camper vs. counselor kickball games under the lights, hikes though the Dells, and anything else we thought they would enjoy.  Activities varied from camp to camp because of the different types of students.



The end of the summer came much too quickly as most summers do.  I was sad to see it was over but I also felt a sense of happiness.  I had just spent the prior months encouraging younger students to become inspired, to follow their dreams, and to keep exploring things that they don’t understand.  I had created a entirely new group of friends on campus through working with Summer Programs and the campers even stayed in touch with me via Facebook, Instagram, and yes even Snapchat.  I received many messages like this one,


and the coolest part of it all? Now that I am a senior, I see so many underclassmen on campus that attended the camps and they look happy here at Embry-Riddle, which means I did my job.

My Favorite Class at Embry-Riddle has been Study Abroad

As a business student, it’s incredibly hard to pick just ONE class that has been my favorite so far. Taking classes in different countries can change one’s view on the subject or even enhance it because of the experience of living and studying in another country, so, by far study aboard classes have been my favorite.

This past summer (July 2014), I was fortunate enough to go to Paris to take BA 425 Trends and Current Problems in Air Transportation and EC 399 Studies of Economic Thought. The classes were full of information and I felt like I gained an extensive amount of knowledge in our multiple field trips, while exploring other cultures and religions. I was never bored in any of my classes and there was endless enthusiasm and I’m eager to learn more and more. Probably the best part is that I’m studying Global Business so I’m making great network connections every time I visit a company with my study abroad class. And of course I’ve gotten to know my fellow students in a way that I’ll always have good memories from. I highly recommend study abroad!

Study Abroad Paris and LondonStudy Abroad Paris VP 2

Summer Camps Helped Me Choose My Degree

Hi Everyone! I’m a current student at Embry-Riddle that went to two different summer camps before choosing Riddle. The Embry Riddle Summer Program really helped me to decide my future.

It all started in middle school when I decided that I would love to be an aeronautical engineer. When I found out about the Aeronautical Engineering Summer Program I immediately signed up. I wanted to see what being an engineer was really all about.

June came and I arrived at the first day of Aero Camp. That evening I met my first friends who I would hang out with for the rest of the week. I loved camp! I had a blast making Balsa Wood Planes and designing, printing, and testing bridges. I met faculty who teach the real classes because they were the ones teaching me. After camp I could not wait to go to Embry Riddle for real.

Glider Competition


The following summer my friends and I decided to go back to camp. We decided on the Spy Camp because one of my friends was planning to join that program the following fall. I was beyond excited to return to Embry Riddle for summer camp.ECSSE Summercamp spy camp

From day one Spy Camp was awesome. I loved it! We got to learn some of the basic codes used for cryptography and also we got the chance to uncover a spy at an embassy reception! I learned so much about what the program would prepare me to do. Spy Camp was a great introduction to the Global Security Intelligence Studies. By the time the camp ended it had completely changed my mind. I no longer wanted to be an Aeronautical Engineer but rather a security professional and now I’m a student at Embry-Riddle.

You should definitely come to camp at Embry-Riddle!

Sin Cera,


All those applications!!!!

All those applications!!!!


It’s almost that time of year again when internship applications are coming out so preparation of the perfect resume must begin!! Many of our first year students get an internship after their first year at Embry-Riddle so take heed prospective students. There are plenty of opportunities out there for amazing internship experiences. Your resume can also get a good summer job lined up for you so you can still make some cash and get a little professional experience whether or not it is at an internship or at a grocery store.

Embry-Riddle actually has a career services department for students who are preparing their resumes for potential employers. You can get some information on the department here. Please check it out and keep us in mind when you come to choosing your college, Embry-Riddle has so much to offer you in college and beyond. Thanks for reading!!!

Two weeks left!!


There are only two weeks left before the end of summer A courses!! It is amazing how fast it all goes by and how much you can learn in the short period of 6 weeks. So my question is what are your plans for the rest of the summer? Work, vacation, a summer B course, Field Training, etc.. Let us know!! We might be able to provide a little break from the summer boredom if you stop on by the campus and take a tour or for those of you students who live here check in with your RA for summer events.

For those of our readers who haven’t been to Riddle or will be attending in the Fall I highly suggest a tour first. My first day here during AFROTC zero week I had no idea where I was going and it just added to the confusion of in processing. So moral of the story is help yourself out!! Come visit early so you at least have a little bit of an idea on where you are going on your first day 🙂

Well, thats all for now but, please let us know what your up to by commenting below!! Thanks everyone 🙂

Summer Classes at Riddle

Hello readers and followers. Forthcoming Is the end of Summer session A and the start of Summer session B. Today I will let you in on the ups and downs of taking summer classes. Do you want to take summer classes? Maybe your nervous that the class will be too fast for you? Or maybe you want a personal insight.

I am Currently taking two classes over summer session A at Embry Riddle. So far so good. I have to say I enjoy taking summer classes because there are no dull moments in class. Over the regular school year you will cover material and then review material, while this is a great way to get material to stick. The problem I run into is forgetting the stuff you learned early on by the time the exam comes around. Over the summer you learn new material everyday, most classes are either 6 or 8 weeks. Within this time a midterm will normally be issued three or four weeks into the class and another just before the final.

So there is no doubt you cover material fast, but what if you have a summer job? depending on how demanding the class is summer classes can be very time demanding. Since you cover new material every class day there is more homework to be covered in a shorter period of time. I am taking two pretty demanding classes, Differential Equations and Linear Circuits, I work as a lifeguard on weekends only.  Notice I said weekends only, working anymore then that is a bit ridiculous.

So if your still wondering if you should take summer classes, here is one last thought you should consider. Do you have the time for a class that is well paced and time demanding? Also, do you have the want or need to take this class? Maybe you need to take a summer class to stay on track for graduation, just keep in mind it takes hard work! If you have any questions feel free to email me.

Thanks for reading.

My email:

Pizza at the Pool


For those of our current Summer A session students who may not know, tonight there will be a pizza party at the pool from 7 to 9 pm!! Please stop on by for this special event as the pool will be open an extra two hours today and it is the perfect opportunity to swim under the stars in beautiful Prescott AZ. If you are a member of the local community who knows a student maybe you could tag along with them! We love to see new faces 🙂

The event is being put on by the Housing Department here at Embry Riddle and it is just one of the many ways in which the Resident Assistants strive to keep all of the students connected and having fun over the summer and throughout the school year as well. If you have any questions about the event or one of the future events that will be held this summer please contact the Housing Department directly at 928 777 3744, Thank you!

Summer Camps at Embry Riddle



Our summer camps have just started at Embry Riddle in Prescott AZ. They are for students who are interested in the fields of engineering, intelligence, and so on. If you have a student around the age of 10 to 14 and they are interested in one of the fields of study we offer at Embry Riddle please give us a call today!! There may still be time to get your child some hands on experience in a field they might pursue a degree in one day!

For more information please call our Summer Programs Director at 928 777 3786. Or click here to visit their newly updated page!! Thanks for reading and have a great summer everyone!!

Summer Classes Continued


This is the fourth week of summer session A classes which means that its midterm time!! I personally have no idea when my midterm is as the class is going a bit slow but, I find that I am really enjoying Solid Mechanics. The only difficult part so far is Shear and Moment Diagrams. Any advice on those would be appreciated from out readers!!

A lot of other students had their first midterms last week so I really hope that mine will be soon. There is only one midterm for my class whereas some courses have three or four over summer, so the pressure on this one is high! However, I feel like I understand the material well, my professor is awesome 🙂

So I would like to give a shout out to all the summer class takers….you are all extremely brave for diving into a condensed six week class and also to all the summer professors, you guys rock!! Please comment below if you are among us and have a professor that you would like to acknowledge for their excellence. Thanks everyone and good luck on those midterms!!

For those incoming students just chillax a little longer and enjoy your well earned summer of fun!!

It’s High School Grad Time!!


In the next few days all of our incoming freshman will be graduating from High School and we here at Embry Riddle would like to say Congratulations!!!! This summer will be an exciting time for all of our new students as you prepare for school here in the Fall. Take a look at our Facebook page and get to know some of the students that you will be living with come Fall. It is time to make some new friends and start an entirely new chapter of your education so get started today!!

Also, keep checking for emails from out Admissions office and your future professors, don’t forget to register for classes and set up your Ernie account on line so you can access all those courses!! And most importantly of all, have a fun and safe Graduation!!!!!