Rainy Day in Prescott AZ

Its not every day that we get the pleasure of wearing rain boots and splashing our way to classes here in Prescott AZ but, we were fortunate enough to experience rain all through last night and into early morning today. See some of the gorgeous pictures of our rainy day sunrise here in Prescott :)

IMG_1988 IMG_1987 IMG_1986 IMG_1985

Water dripping from the branches

Water dripping from the branches



Reflection of the clouds in a puddle

Reflection of the clouds in a puddle









Gorgeous right!! Come on by to visit us on this beautiful day :) You can schedule a visit here, if you have any questions please feel free to call. We look forward to hearing from you!

The Winter Weather Man

Hello readers, if you aren’t currently an Embry-Riddle student then you might be wondering what the weather is like out here in Prescott, AZ. Well lucky for you I will be getting into how the weather is and how it changes mostly in respect to winter. This will be especially helpful for those coming from warm climates like myself.

So ERAU in Prescott definitely gets FOUR seasons! Summer is hot, fall is bipolar, winter is cold and spring is a usually a good mix of warm and cold weather. But you must be wondering how cold it actually gets here… Well last week it reached 37 degrees (F) during the day! That’s crazy!…..I don’t want to scare you so ill lighten it up with some good news, such as this weeks weather. The average for the week turned out to be 56 degrees (F) midday, and 34 degrees at any given time after dark.

So be prepared for the winter! while it is only this cold during the winter it does lighten up in the fall and spring, which are quite pleasant and beautiful. Being able to come out here and experience four seasons its great, there is really nothing like Prescott. For instance below is a photograph taken of Watson Lake after its snowed, which is right around the corner from ERAU. In fact most students that run, tend to run to the lake and back which takes about 30 minutes to get there, its a great trail!

But enough about how cold it gets, the real question is, does it snow at Embry-Riddle and how often? Well for the past 3 years that I have gone to ERAU in Prescott it has snowed on average 10 to 15 days each year. And i would say about three of those days does it actually come down in a storm that makes it hard to drive. So if you drive you could get away without buying chains no problem but I have some anyway. The other thing to know about snow here is that is melts very fast rarely staying on the roads for more than half a day. As soon as the bright Arizona sun hits it, it’s gone. I hope you enjoyed this blog, stay tuned for more!

Here is a link to a website that has a great amount of detail about the weather in Prescott, AZ. http://www.wunderground.com/weather-forecast/US/AZ/Prescott.html

Chinese Courses at Embry Riddle


This blog is a shout out to one of our readers who was wanting to know more about Chinese courses at Embry Riddle. I was able to find and interview several current students in the Global Intelligence and Security Chinese Program and this is what they had to say.

“The program is super fun and intense at the same time. Each course you take (one semester) is actually equivalent to learning one year of the language. It is high paced but, the professors are really helpful and clear with the material so it is challenging as well as interesting. There is also an opportunity for students to go to China between the Sophomore and Junior year in order to completely be immersed in the culture. The trip really helps to cement your knowledge in the language and can help you get future jobs. In addition to that you get great connections with the people you meet on the trip and gain many life long friends. As far as the schedule goes, you do have a lot of free time to do homework and group work because classes are spread out well. There are actually tutors for the Chinese program as well and being able to talk with them is really great as most of them have extensive backgrounds in the language.”

chinese-characters-ideograms“In all despite the challenges that the program can present it is really fun and totally worth doing.” All of the Chinese Students that I interviewed said that taking Chinese at Embry-Riddle is the best decision they have made in their college career.

If you have any more questions please let me know or give the Admissions department a call :) Thanks for reading.

A Weekend Exploring Zion National Park

We’ve posted a lot on here about outdoor activities in Prescott but what about surrounding Prescott?  I can think of seven National Parks off the top of my head that are all within ~7 hours or less from good ol’ PRC.  This weekend, we planned a last minute trip to Zion.  It seems like Zion Canyon is always overshadowed by The Grand Canyon, but there is no reason for it to be.

“Zion is located along the edge of a region called the Colorado Plateau. Uplift, tilting, and
erosion of rock layers formed a feature called the Grand Staircase, a series of colorful
cliffs stretching between Bryce Canyon and the Grand Canyon. The bottom layer of rock
at Bryce Canyon is the top layer at Zion, and the bottom layer at Zion is the top layer at
the Grand Canyon.”

My friends and I made the trip up to Utah (only took about 5 hours!) to see the underrated National Park.  I loved every part of it.

The first day, we hiked Angels Landing which is apart of the West Rim of the Canyon.  For those of you who aren’t familiar, Angels Landing is an extremely narrow ridge that comes out in the middle of the Zion Canyon sitting at about 5,790 ft.  There are chains securely placed in the rock so that you can pull your self across some of the larger gaps.  This hike was not to be taken lightly, there have been six deaths.  It was pretty exhilarating to say the least.  Here is a quick time lapse of our journey taken with a GoPro.

And then all of a sudden, we had reached the end of the ridge.  Winds were fairly strong and the temperature dropped a couple degrees but we still spent some time to take it all in.


Of course, we had to do some yoga and handstands at the top just to test our luck..

The following day, we tackled the East Rim of the Canyon and trekked to Observation Point.  The East Rim was much more difficult but Observation Point sits at about 7,000 ft, almost 1,200 ft higher than we were the previous day.  It was also a lot less crowded.  We stopped in Hidden Canyon and Echo Canyon on the way to the summit.

We spent quite sometime on the edge of the ridge.  Partially because it was unbelievably beautiful and partially because we were pooped.

But hey, see that extremely narrow ridge in the middle that look crazy scary to hike? That would be Angels Landing!

What can I do when I’m not studying? – [ERAU Activities Fair 2k15 VLog]

Alot of college is about studying to make those very important grades… but obviously you can’t study for the entire 4 years of college right? Check out this video to see a few of the numerous on-campus clubs we have to fill up your free time!


Do you like these new Video Blogs I’m doing? Comment below and let me know! Suggestions and questions are always encouraged!

CFI New Hire Ground School!

Not going to lie, it felt weird beginning my last semester as an undergraduate student here at ERAU. Time went by faster than I could have ever imagined. Three plus years later, I have had experiences and made friendships that I could have scarcely imagined prior to actually attending. Nevertheless I digress, onward to bigger and better things!

The beginning of January did not only mark the beginning of classes, but the beginning of CFI New Hire class as well. This month the Embry-Riddle Flight Line hired a total of five new instructors, myself included. Having gone through a new hire ground school with Cape Air in the fall of 2013, I felt myself feeling prepared for what lay ahead. The key to any ground school, whether it is with a new company or even classes here at school, is to always get ahead. The instructors usually send out the material they will be referencing in class in an email prior to the school’s actual start date. In this case, with Embry-Riddle, we had about 3 weeks to study up.

Having used some of Christmas Break to brush up on details I may have forgotten, I walked into the new hire with excitement. Overall, the ground school was broken up into two pieces. The first piece was more administrative stuff, policies and procedures for example. As a student pilot over the last three years, I have become familiar with the policies concerning the students. As I transition to a flight instructor, now I have to learn the policies influencing instructors on a daily basis. The big ones include how to schedule your students on ETA (our scheduling software), and of course duty time restrictions. If you reference 14 C.F.R. Part 61.195, you will see we instructors have laws restricting us on how long we can actually work. Furthermore, the flight line has more rules.

The second part of the ground school was all about the FUNDAMENTALS! C172 Takeoff If there is one topic that was most certainly drilled into our heads it is the fundamentals. When I reference the fundamentals I mean straight and level flight, climbs, descents, and turns. These four aspects, or a combination thereof, make up all of the flight maneuvers you will learn throughout your training. We as pilots cannot continue to make progress if we do not have the fundamental foundation to move forward. Therefore, the fundamentals played a huge part in our ground school and will continue to do so for the actual flight training we conduct.

With the successful completion of CFI New Hire Ground School as of last Friday, here’s to the successful completion of new hire flight training. Hopefully, within the next few weeks I will begin to receive students. If you remember my earlier blog, I talked about time management. Being enrolled in classes, traveling for admissions, and now teaching actual flight students will be the culmination of time management as my time here at ERAU, as a student, begins to come to a close.

More to come, talk to you all soon!

3-Day Weekend Fun

For our curious potential freshman I will be answering a question today: what do you do on a three day weekend in Prescott? Well, you are in luck as I happen to know the answer.

Unfortunately, part of that answer is homework but, there are fun things that you can do with your free time in Prescott, AZ. For example, take a walk downtown, there are so many amazing little shops and places to eat should you get hungry while you wander. One of my personal favorite places to stop in and get a quick bite is Shannon’s wraps and cheesecakes. The restaurant is a small family place and located just off the square; they have the most amazing cheese cake I have ever eaten!!

If you’re not the downtown type then take a stroll through the dells which are located just across from campus. That’s actually what I did this weekend, take a look at some of the amazing views from the top of the dells!

IMG_1921[1]IMG_1919[1]And, if you are not the hiking type then the movies may be a good place to go. At the Picture Show movie theater a few minutes outside of downtown you can get discounted tickets and relax in comfy adjustable leather seats. Additionally, not so far from the theater is the mall with numerous stores to walk around and neat little places to eat.

About 20 minutes away from the mall is Prescott Valley, there is another theater there and tons of other interesting stores to visit. So whatever you like to do for fun, you can find it here in Prescott AZ. Don’t fear there is plenty to do other than homework when you attend Embry-Riddle.

Spring Semester Update


We are now officially two weeks into the Spring Semester and so far it seems to be going well (fingers crossed!). So here’s an update on what I’ve been up to so far: homework, meetings, phone calls, work, ROTC, grocery shopping, hanging out with friends, and cooking. Obviously, its been a busy two weeks but it hasn’t been all that bad.

Oddly enough, living and working where you go to school is actually pretty fun. You get to meet all kinds of interesting people who have similar hobbies. For instance, I was not very much of a cook when I was in high school but now that I am living on my own I have come to actually enjoy cooking. Because I live on campus I have been able to meet tons of other people who enjoy cooking too.

The same is true for classes and ROTC. In all the different courses/activities that I am involved in I have met tons of interesting people that make learning/leading fun even when under stress. My favorite course is Structures partly because I love the topic and also because the people I work with in study groups are awesome to hang out with.


Because of the culture student of Embry-Riddle even the stressful times can be a lot of fun. That is why the past two weeks of the semester haven’t been bad, even though they have been loaded with work and trying to handle an new schedule. So, for our potential freshman class of 2015, please take the student culture into consideration when it comes time to accept your college offers this semester. Thanks for reading everyone!

It’s a White Tuesday!

So today we were all pleasantly surprised to see some snow! It wasn’t snowing when I went to PT this morning but, it sure was when I headed off to class this morning! Take a look at our gorgeous campus in the snow!!


Snow Falling in front of the AXFAB in central campus


Central Campus

My view from the upperclassman dorms this morning.

My view from the upperclassman dorms this morning.


It usually snows anywhere from one to six times during the winter here in Prescott and its the first time that quite a few of our students get to see some snow! With that said, when you are thinking of attending our University take the climate into consideration as well. We have relatively mild winters and fantastic summers with the average temperature in the high 80′s. If that is something you would like then Embry Riddle Prescott is the place for you! Sign up to take a tour today!!

Things I Wish I Knew Going Into College

As a graduating senior, I am looking back on some of the most transformative lessons I’ve learned during the greatest four years of my life.  I probably was told these things prior to stepping foot on the ERAU Prescott campus, but it’s kind of one of those learn for yourself type deals.  Here’s what I came up with:

Be a yes man (or woman)

In high school I would’ve considered myself judgmental and a cynic. It wasn’t long after I moved into my first room in our Mingus dorm complex that I realized my cynicism was embedded in fear.  I became a much better person with a more convincing idea of who I am once I committedly opened up to new experiences and new people.  College is the easiest time to make new friends because suddenly you are introduced to hundreds of new faces and most of them probably have similar interests to you. So say yes to joining clubs at the activity fair, going campus events put on by BCA, and eating lunch in the Union because before you know it, your college friends are your family.  They will be there for you.  They will take that lower-level general ed class with you.  They will be there for the late nights and early mornings.  They will agree to last minute coffee dates and even last minute road trips. So say yes because at worst, you’ll have a new story to tell.

Don’t forget where you came from

The friendships that you develop in college are wavelengths different than the ones you made growing up.  You and your friends from high school share a bond that you won’t find with anyone else because you survived a nightmare together.  They are the ones that knew you when you had braces and coordinated rubber band color to the upcoming holiday.  They knew you when you dated that jerk but he just looked so cute playing that blue guitar.  They knew you when you had a terrible sense of fashion and bleached your hair.  They knew all these things about you and they still liked you, so they are worth keeping around.  And trust me, when you go home for the holidays, you aren’t going to want to hang out with your family the whole time. In today’s modern world, there is no excuse not to stay in touch with someone.  The friends you meet in college are going to be amazing and radical and filled with innovation ideas but your past made you who you are, don’t lose sight of the important people from it.

Your undergraduate love life is not a romantic comedy

Bradley Cooper is not going to spend hours a day practicing a dance routine with you and Anna Kendrick probably won’t make out with you after her stunning a Capella performance, and that is just the reality of it.  Here me out, you do not need a counterpart in college.  We can sit and agonize over the fact that our latest crush hasn’t texted us back and our best friends will sit there and say things like, “I’m sure his phone is dead” or “He’s probably swamped in homework” and all of these are better than realizing that he is not texting you because he doesn’t want to.  But your reliable friend will keep feeding you these excuses because most likely, it has happened to her at some point as well.  And by the way, sending him a text at midnight of a kissing emoji won’t suddenly remind him of how much he is in to you.  The only thing that will do that is his own desire to do so.

There are no exceptions to this.  And that goes for you too gentlemen.  Stop bombarding that cute, outspoken girl in your English class with texts and Facebook messages.  More often times than not, she’s not reciprocating because she doesn’t want to, not because she’s a “bad texter.”  Don’t get hung up on one person if you can help it because there are thousands more dying to meet you!  (Cliché, but it’s the truth I swear).  College is the time to find the simple joys in being alone.  It is when you stop searching and become comfortable with the idea of independence that the right person will come along.