My past few weeks

Wow, are we really almost heading off to Embry?  Just a couple more weeks of summer fun and then we are off to college….it’s sad yet exciting!  Anyways, just wanted to fill everyone in on my last few weeks, since it’s been a while.  I’ve been working hard at my job and that takes up most of my time, so I guess I will start there.  Usually at my job I just answer people’s questions when they find it necessary to ask things like “Where is the closest restroom?” or “Why are all the flowers dead?” but a couple of weeks ago, I did something that I is unforgetable: I helped deliver baby piglets.  I work at a fair, so there is a farm that actually runs year round on the grounds and I was lucky enough to be working the night the mother decided to make it happen (don’t worry, I’m not putting any pictures up here for this one).  I will never view bacon the same way…

I did have some fun during these past few weeks too!  Just last week I went up to Big Bear Lake and stayed in a two million dollar cabin right on the water!  It was extremely fun.  I went with my friend’s family so I automatically had some1 there to hang out with.  The cabin not only had its own private dock, it had a water trampoline!  water_trampoline









For those of you who didn’t know what a water trampoline was, I just showed you.  🙂   It was really awesome to just get some R&R away from home, and being able to go tubing behind a boat helped that along too!  There were two boats at the cabin, one was a cruising boat that was good for fishing or just hanging out and the other was built for speed, but unfortunately we only used the slower boat…  We weren’t at the cabin for more than a couple of days, but the trip felt like it took almost a week.  I had an amazing time and I can’t wait to meet you guys in a few weeks!

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