t-minus 1.5 weeks

Is anyone else getting those preparation jitters when they have to go shopping for all their new stuff to take with them next year?  I know I had them a few times this week because I am so excited!  I can’t wait to get out of the house and take a break from my family for a while.

That’s not important though.  What I did find crazy was the fact that I have gotten so many new things to take  (bed sheets, new clothes, etc.)  that it will take up almost half my room when I get it all out of the bags to start packing later this week.  So far, this is what it looks like in the bags.





















So all out of the bags and boxes to be packed, I am guessing it will take up about half of my room.  It’s just so unfathomable the number of things that I didn’t think about taking until I was out and saw it and realized I needed it!  Things like new socks, a mini fan for my desk, a cooling pad for my laptop, random things like that just caught my eye and I realized I did need them and I had overlooked them.  Anyone else going through that same kind of situation??

And next week I get to go on one last vacation and the best part is, it is in Arizona!  Haha!  I’ll tell everyone about that final adventure when I get back  😉

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