First couple of weeks

So it’s been like 2 weeks since the semester started here at ERAU and I am already tired. I have had so many things to do and my house is still not fixed so it is just getting tiring. Thank god for the people that are letting me stay at their places, seriously, I would have not known what to do without them. Anyways, enough about the downer mood.

Classes are off to a great start. I am only taking 4 of them since they are the only ones required in order for me to graduate from every program I’m doing (AS major and ATM minor). The only classes I have Tuesdays and Thursdays are Air Traffic Management labs which are fun because you get to see flights and “control” them from an ATC perspective rather than inside the cockpit. Another is Personality and Profiling, which we are looking into criminal profiling. I like to think of it like a “Criminal Minds” class so that’s pretty cool. The last class is going to be the most fun I think as it is my Airline Crew operations class, which is the class that we get to “get our feet wet” with big airline part 121 operations. The cool thing is that we get to fly the Airbus A320 full motion Level D Sim at U.S. Airways. This time is time that I believe that we could log into our log books giving us a little bit of an advantage of knowledge over other people. The homework is not bad but then again its homework I want to do because I want to learn more.

I like the way that this semester has started so far, well not counting the house problem. Everything Embry-Riddle however, has been really cool and really fun and I look forward to a good if not great semester.

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