Finals Next Week, Study Help is Everywhere


Its amazing how fast this semester has gone by and for some of you the first set of college finals is looming in the not so far away future. However, for the vast majority of us here at Embry-Riddle Prescott, we know the drill from our past years of experience. That does not make it any easier though! Finals are always a nerve racking time to prove what you know and potentially boost your grades or keep them at a solid A. Whatever the case may be in regards to your grades do not forget to use your on campus resources for help!

Professors are more than happy to help you study for those finals and if they are not around then schedule an appointment with a tutor. The tutors are hired by the campus to help you so you do not need to pay them at all! They are a great resource however, starting on 4 Dec you may only meet a tutor by appointment so keep that in mind. Regular “Walk in” hours will resume again next semester. For our readers who do not know what “walk in” hours are, it is a time where a tutor will be in a specific location waiting for a student to walk in and ask for help. Pretty simple right? Well, it gets even better than that! All tutors where blue and gold lanyards with their name, so they are all very easy to find.

Additionally, tutor information is available on the control tower which is run through our student portal so you can log in today and check out the tutors available for the courses you need help in. If you want more information then contact Ms. Katie Green, the head of the tutor program. She hires all the tutors who are ready to help you!! You can find her information in the campus directory that current students have access to under people search.

Flyer for Finals BreakfastAnd of course you need to eat well and de-stress during finals. The Finals Breakfast event is the perfect way to fill up on pancakes and have some fun too!

Hope this helps, good luck studying for those finals everyone!! Also, if you want some more info on our Academic Support check out their website!


I’m So Much More Than a Number at Riddle

Being a student at Embry-Riddle has made me realize that what I can achieve in the future is going to be great.

I knew that coming to a STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) and private school would differ from any other school, but I was unsure how it would be different. After the first week of classes, I realized what the difference was. The main difference was that everyone from admin to professors to staff care about the success of every student. I heard stories in high school from colleagues whom were in college about how they felt as if they were just a number since the university was so large. Here at Riddle I surprisingly enjoy the smaller student population since the classes are more interactive and I feel as if I am not just a number, but also a student who is striving to achieve similar goals as my colleagues.

I know that those who decided to attend here had a certain goal in mind whether it is for engineering or any of the other majors and it makes attending Riddle more enjoyable because fellow peers are going through the same journey together. The small student population indicates a tight-knit community throughout the university and in the close community there are numerous people that share the same love for aviation as I do. What I did not know is that quite a few people also share a common passion for robotics as do I.


I look forward to more great things that will surprise me about being a student at Embry-Riddle!

Kaila Romero, Women’s Softball

Planning My Final Semester at Embry-Riddle

MikeHello Everyone! My name is Mike Cruz, and I am excited to be posting my first blog! I am now a senior expecting to graduate in the spring with a Bachelors degree in Aeronautical Science and a Minor in Applied Meteorology. Furthermore, I am almost done with my flight training at Embry-Riddle, just finishing up the last bit of CFII (Certified Flight Instructor Instrument). If any of you have any questions please feel free to contact me and I will do my best to help you further understand what it is like to be a student and pilot here at Embry-Riddle. Here goes!

You would think that by the time you become a senior registering for classes is a piece of cake. Well it is and it isn’t. In the beginning, as a freshman, you have this huge grocery list of classes you have to take, and really it is the pick of the litter as they say. However, now as I register for my final semester, each class is a calculated choice that fulfills the final requirements for my degree. Which excitingly are going to be, AS411 (Airline Transport Systems), AS420 (Flight Technique Analysis), and AS408 (Flight Safety). Furthermore in order to get the reduced ATP minimums and have credit for an ATP ground school to that the written exam, I am also taking FA420 (Airline Flight Crew Technique and Procedures). A mouthful I know, and they sound more complex than they really are. The classes listed above are basically very specific classes to help you understand the ins and outs of what it is like being an airline pilot!

The process of registering for classes is really easy. Everything is done online, like shopping on Amazon. You have a “shopping cart” which is were you place the classes you would like to register for. Once in your cart and all you have to click is “enroll.”Β  Very easy system!

Timing is the another factor when registering for classes! You are in the middle of your current class load for the fall semester, — you’re focused, you’re determined, when all of a sudden BAM! You receive the email that it is time to register for spring classes next week. Being a college student really should be called “time management student.” Besides walking out of here with a degree you will become highly skilled in managing your time to the best of your ability. Which is an awesome accolade to have going out into the work force.

With all that being said I have successfully registered for my final semester here at Embry-Riddle on time and very excited. Check out some of the classes I’ve taken and ones that you will take as an Aeronautical Science student here!

Talk to you soon, and stay warm up in the north!



Back to School Count Down!!


There are 22 days left until the Fall semester starts! Are you prepared?? Here is a general checklist of items that you may need to complete before you arrive here on campus for the Fall 2014 semester πŸ™‚

1. Buy text books

2. Buy sheets (the website should have been mailed to you by the Housing Department)

3. Pack up your room (there is a packing list that was provided by the Housing Department as well, if you need another or have questions give them a call!)

4. Plan your trip by plane, train, or automobile!

5. Attend Orientation

6. Classes begin August 25th!!

Also, it may be a good idea to confirm your class schedule, pay tuition, and take a tour of our beautiful campus.

End of Course Evaluations


Just a reminder to our Summer A students that course evaluations are due at noon tomorrow!! Don’t forget to fill them out online and submit them as in some cases it will have a positive affect on your grade πŸ™‚

For our incoming students who do not know what course evaluations are don’t worry, it is a simple questionnaire regarding your perceptions of the course you have completed and how well you learned the material. You will have to complete an evaluation for each course every semester that you are enrolled at Embry Riddle. It is just a tool for the faculty to determine how well each course is being taught and if any changes should be made in the future.

These evaluations are available in the last two weeks of courses and take less than 5 minutes to fill out, just remember to provide constructive feedback!! Thanks for reading everyone, and good luck on finals!!!

Finals Week


A lot of students ask what the campus does to help students as they study for finals week. Well, we offerΒ  finals breakfast at 11pm on the night before study day, free cookies in the library, 24 hour quiet hours in the halls, and often professors have study sessions before their exams. No matter how you choose to prepare for finals (which officially started on Saturday by the way..) the campus can help you!

Some awesome study tips are get enough sleep, eat a well balanced meal, and calmly review notes, old hw’s, and whatever else you have that will help you review. So with that said, I’m off to study as well πŸ™‚ Happy finals everyone, remember that summer is almost here!!

Dynamics Project Complete!!

Organized Pendulum Motion

Organized Spring Pendulum Motion

19 pages and countless hours later my dynamics project is done!! I am so happy to be finished with it. Overall, I proved that a spring pendulum system is chaotic but, its motion can still be modeled with dynamics. I used two methods, the second one is the most accurate as it shows the chaos in the motion of the pendulum system. The methods are respectively called simple pendulum motion and rigid body pendulum motion. The difference between the two is that rigid body motion takes more “real time” factors into account such as the mass of the spring, its changing length, inertial centers of masses of each object in the system and so on. the system is actually so complex that you can solve for the general equations of motion but, they are unsolvable by hand. The graphs you see here are numerical solutions to the motion of the pendulum. This concept is huge in terms of Engineering, as engineers must be able to predict and describe chaotic motion due to the affects it has on a structure. Dynamics is a fundamental course designed for students to be exposed to the important methods and concepts before they get into upper level courses.

Chaotic Spring Pendulum Motion

Chaotic Spring Pendulum Motion

Personally, Dynamics is a hard class however, I find it really fun and educational. I learned so much from my project about how to describe motion through mathematics and numerical integrations. I really look forward to the other classes in which I can apply this knowledge.

So my question to our readers is this: Do you want to go to school at a university that challenges you in a way conducive to learning? I did, and that’s why I came to Embry Riddle Prescott. Stop by some time and join us πŸ™‚

Finals Preparation Starts Now!



It is that time of year again, professors and students alike have anticipated but, dreaded the upcoming weeks……FINALS…..again!! Are you going to be prepared? I know that finals are a tough and stressful time for students but, take hope, summer is almost here. Just remember to study hard and all that good stuff while motivating yourself by thinking about your summer plans.

This summer I will hopefully be going to Field Training for AFROTC and while I am nervous about that at least its better than doing hw everyday πŸ™‚ I am also very excited about it too, Field Training is like a right of passage so to speak. It basically allows you to continue in your AFROTC career so that at the end when you graduate you will get a commission as an officer in the USAF.Β  Other than that I will be taking classes and working as usual.

What are your summer plans? If your plan doesn’t include a visit to Embry Riddle’s Prescott Campus then maybe it should! We would love to see you here over summer, it is a great time to see whether this place is where you want to spend the next few years πŸ™‚

The Pool is Now Open


Come on down to our awesome salt water pool and have some fun!! That’s right folks, the pool is once again open for the season!!! It’s a great place to work on that tan, swim some laps, have a BBQ, or just avoid homework in general πŸ˜‰


The pool will be open until October and daily hours are as follows:

11am to 7pm

We hope to see you there!!!!

Midterms Round 3







This week it is 3 for 3 with midterms. Almost all the engineers have exams Monday, Wednesday, and Friday but, the one comfort is that it will soon be all over. With this set of midterms behind us we will only have finals to take and the semester will be over!! For those of you who are still in disbelief about the rate at which the semester has disappeared its time to shape up and pulling some good grades before finals hit us hard.

So if you need to get some advice on how to prepare to midterms and finals check out some of my previous blogs πŸ™‚ Good Luck everyone!!

Midterms Round 2

Midterms Round 1