And we’re off!

Has anyone else had one last jam-packed week to savor while they are away?  I know I have!  Over the past five days I have been hanging out with my friends on Lake Havasu, which is only about an hour and a half from campus (and I am sure you will be familiar with that area during the semester ;D ).  Since the weather there is a bit hotter than in Prescott, being on the lake is just about the only way to stay cool.  So, naturally, all five of us guys (and a couple of parents) were out on the water as long as possible!  We went tubing, we lounged on a beach, we cruised up to the California/Arizona border, and just did what we could to savor the last few days of us being together this summer.

I got home from Lake Havasu in the afternoon yesterday, 8/18 and had to do the majority of my packing last night.  Hopefully I didn’t miss anything THAT important!  Now I am just getting ready to leave.  My whole family (including my two dogs) are going to be on our way to Embry within an hour’s time.  Unfortunately, we are driving and since we are taking two cars, I have to drive one…well, I guess I have to get used to that drive sooner or later  :).

This last week before leaving for Embry has left me in a daze.  It has all gone by so quickly that I can’t help but think it wasn’t enough time  ):  but what’s done is done and now I am off!  Hope to meet you all soon!

t-minus 1.5 weeks

Is anyone else getting those preparation jitters when they have to go shopping for all their new stuff to take with them next year?  I know I had them a few times this week because I am so excited!  I can’t wait to get out of the house and take a break from my family for a while.

That’s not important though.  What I did find crazy was the fact that I have gotten so many new things to take  (bed sheets, new clothes, etc.)  that it will take up almost half my room when I get it all out of the bags to start packing later this week.  So far, this is what it looks like in the bags.





















So all out of the bags and boxes to be packed, I am guessing it will take up about half of my room.  It’s just so unfathomable the number of things that I didn’t think about taking until I was out and saw it and realized I needed it!  Things like new socks, a mini fan for my desk, a cooling pad for my laptop, random things like that just caught my eye and I realized I did need them and I had overlooked them.  Anyone else going through that same kind of situation??

And next week I get to go on one last vacation and the best part is, it is in Arizona!  Haha!  I’ll tell everyone about that final adventure when I get back  😉

My past few weeks

Wow, are we really almost heading off to Embry?  Just a couple more weeks of summer fun and then we are off to college….it’s sad yet exciting!  Anyways, just wanted to fill everyone in on my last few weeks, since it’s been a while.  I’ve been working hard at my job and that takes up most of my time, so I guess I will start there.  Usually at my job I just answer people’s questions when they find it necessary to ask things like “Where is the closest restroom?” or “Why are all the flowers dead?” but a couple of weeks ago, I did something that I is unforgetable: I helped deliver baby piglets.  I work at a fair, so there is a farm that actually runs year round on the grounds and I was lucky enough to be working the night the mother decided to make it happen (don’t worry, I’m not putting any pictures up here for this one).  I will never view bacon the same way…

I did have some fun during these past few weeks too!  Just last week I went up to Big Bear Lake and stayed in a two million dollar cabin right on the water!  It was extremely fun.  I went with my friend’s family so I automatically had some1 there to hang out with.  The cabin not only had its own private dock, it had a water trampoline!  water_trampoline









For those of you who didn’t know what a water trampoline was, I just showed you.  🙂   It was really awesome to just get some R&R away from home, and being able to go tubing behind a boat helped that along too!  There were two boats at the cabin, one was a cruising boat that was good for fishing or just hanging out and the other was built for speed, but unfortunately we only used the slower boat…  We weren’t at the cabin for more than a couple of days, but the trip felt like it took almost a week.  I had an amazing time and I can’t wait to meet you guys in a few weeks!

Job Update!!!

Hey everyone!  I just thought I should give an update on my job as of today.  *Ahem*  So far, I have built a few cool things at my job but after that was done, I kinda just watch over them so little kids don’t just go trampling on them  >.< My first projects  

 This is me sitting between a pond I helped build and the three tiered planter I built, soiled, and planted in!



My other project was to build a planted inside a building and here is me sleeping in the comfy chair sitting on top of my project  😀

Project #2






So yea, so far so good with the job at the fair!

summer jobz

So I just started working my summer job (not this one) and I was thinking what jobs you guys might have on top of this!  My job is to babysit flowers for the local fair haha!  I work in the floral department while the fair is in town, answering questions (if I can) and just helping out in my building.  It is fun, just like a summer job is supposed to be!  Is anyone else starting another summer job? 


P.S.  I just got back from Transformers 2 and it was AWESOME!!!  Muuuuch better than the first.

Bahamas Recap

Hey all!  I just wanted to say how my trip to the Bahamas went!  So last Sunday (June 14th) I hopped on a plane and flew to Miami.  We got on the cruiseship and hung out around the boat all day.  Our first stop on the trip was Nassau, an island in the Bahamas.  That day, my family went to the largest waterpark in the world!  I also got to have some dolphin encounters (they made me kiss one >.<)  but overall it was a blast!  The next day we went to Royal Caribbean’s own private island.  I ended up sleeping in until noon then my mom made me get up and go to the beach  -.-  where I took a nap.  😀                Sleepy me on the beach


  that night I played basketball on the back of the ship until about…2 a.m.  and let me tell you, playing on a wooden deck with no shoes on is painful…I have the blisters and cuts to prove it.  Anyways, the third and final stop on the trip was Key West, Florida. We got off the boat at around 9 a.m. and went out parasailing for an hour or so!  img_4695

After going parasailing, there was not much for an adult under 18 to do on the island, so I went back to the boat and just hung out with people I met!  I tried to stay up all night that night, but ended up getting tired and going to bed at about 6 a.m. (so I could sleep on the plane of course) and for some odd reason, our flight home ended up being flying to New York for our connection to Los Angeles…which makes completely no sense to me!

Summer Fun

Hey guys, I am leaving for the Bahamas in a day or two and I thought I would ask what you guys are doing this summer for vacation and other fun stuff like that!  😀 

For me, I am going to the Bahamas and then pretty much hanging out with friends until I have to get all packed up for school (which is gonna be AWESOME!)  It kinda stinks for me though because I don’t have a car so meeting up with people gets difficult 

 But anyways, I will keep trying to hang out with my friends  😀 

Happy Face!

So like I asked earlier, what are you guys doing for fun this summer??

The new guy!

Hey anyone and everyone! I’m Tanner C and I just got here  >.<  I know I’m late, but better late than never, right?  I have been pretty busy for about….3 weeks now, what with finishing projects and studying for my one and only dreaded physics final *gasp* but I survived and that’s what matters! Now it’s time to sit back, relax, and enjoy the rest of summer….

Me saluting you, graduated(ing) senior!

Me saluting you, graduated(ing) senior!