Pumpkin Carving


Today some of our RA’s or Resident Assistants organized a pumpkin carving contest in preparation for Halloween. Some of the pumpkins were pretty awesome and others just plain gruesome. Overall though, the event was just another goofy even that we have here at Riddle to bring our students closer together around the holidays.







Our student body comes from all over the world, so when participating in events such as the pumpkin carving party it is entirely possible that you may meet someone who has never taken part in the tradition before. I met two such people today and it was really cool to be able to hear about their countries and make new friends all because of a simple tradition!

Events like this bring all of our students closer, and create a community on our campus that is unlike any other. We all love it here and we would like to invite you to come on over for a campus visit and experience it yourself. For a campus tour click here and learn more about what Embry Riddle Prescott has for you!!

October West Festivities


So as most of you probably know October West started this week and its been going great so far!! We are all very excited for the Air show to start tomorrow, myself and a few of the others bloggers will be out there so if you recognize us please feel free to say hi 🙂 The coolest part of October West this year, besides the planes of course, was the unveiling of the Prescott campus’s very first completed Jet Dragster!!!!

We are all very proud of the work that this team has put in to produce the first Prescott dragster, just 4 years after the project all started here at our campus. The recognition of this hard work started with a fly over, speeches by the chancellor, Chris Larsen (the founder of Larsen motor sports), and finally a demonstration by Elaine Larsen.

The demonstration was so cool!!! At Riddle we love jet engine nose and this car was all engine!!! Intense flames poured out  the back as it rolled its way across the tarmac and fans roared, it was seriously amazing!! If you were lucky enough to be at the event you could even feel the pulses from the engine firing. Some sweet pictures are included below, please look through and enjoy. If you can be at the Prescott Airport tomorrow, be there so you can have a look at that dragster and join in the festivities 🙂

Fall is Finally Here

Even though the leaves aren’t changing yet, you can feel it in the air here at Embry Riddle Prescott: Fall has arrived!!!! The monsoons have been gone for about 2 weeks now and the winds have returned making it a little bit chilly out there. So for all of you newbies its time to break out the cold weather gear, and if your from California like me, you might have to go buy some.

I would just like to share with you what my favorite parts of fall are and see if maybe you would like to share with us here at Embry Riddle as well 🙂 So the top things I like about Fall are:

Scarves- They are warm and stylish!!

Hoodies- comfy for class and studying

Cookies- In the upperclassman dorms we have ovens to make them in!!

Stew- Reminds me of home, and its a delicious way to warm up after a long day

Hot Cocoa and Tea- Relaxing and awesome.

Pie-Just because pie is awesome 🙂

and………(Drumroll please)….Halloween!!

I really have no idea what I will wear for Halloween this year, although last year my friends and I dressed up as skittles 🙂 We ran out of colored T shirts though and I ended up being the random skittle in the bunch, but it was still a ton of fun. During my freshman year we had a few engineers who made their own costumes and wore them to classes, so if you love fall as much as we do then this is the place for you!!!

Please stop on by and visit us here in Prescott, we would love to have you join us in our Fall Fun. To schedule a visit just click here!!!

Ruck at Riddle

What a Ruck looks like









Good Morning everyone!! I just completed a 5K 40lb ruck for PT this morning and I’m feeling great. It was seriously so much fun!! So I was just curious to see how many of our readers are veterans, current military/ROTC, or CAP/JROTC who have done a real Ruck march. Please comment below and share your fun/not so fun experiences about Rucking.

For those of you who do not know what a Ruck is, it is basically a really long walk/jog with an extremely heavy backpack. It is not as bad as it sounds, if you have gone backpacking before then it is pretty similar to that. Most of the time for Rucks you will be using an old backpack and a 35-40lb sandbag, depending on the individual you may decide to do more than that however, for Air Force PT this morning the sand bags were standardized at about 40lb per person.

So my fun Ruck story from this morning begins with a lack of a proper backpack….yes not a good thing. The back pack I brought to PT was way to small for the sandbags, this resulted from the fact that my regular class backpack is so shredded that it would not stand a chance against a 40lb bag of sand. (I need to go shopping and get a new one, in Air Force ROTC you will ruin on average about one backpack per every 8 months). So rather than not going on the Ruck I grabbed a bag of sand put it on my shoulders and went for it!!

It actually wasn’t too bad, I fell a little behind because balancing 40lbs is a little bit more difficult than carrying it on your back. But, myself and the other cadets on the Ruck all finished within good time and with awesome experiences to share. I could write on and on if I wanted to but, if I would like to address more specific topics/stories/questions or whatever you would like to hear so if you would like to hear more about my morning or share your own story please comment below we would love to hear from you!!

Air Force Zero Week

Are all you Embry Riddle Air Force Cadets ready? Zero Week starts tomorrow!!!! We have been preparing specially for you and soon you will join Det 028, The Best in the West!

Some advice for the week, just don’t freak out and where ever you go be on time and follow your schedule. Zero week is a time where you learn what it means to be a cadet, what your commitments are, and also if the Air Force is really the career that you want to pursue. It seems like a lot of pressure but, don’t worry you will do fine. Throughout your career in Air Force ROTC you will have many friends aka “Wingmen” you may even make a few during your zero week so be open to meeting other cadets.

We want this time to be educational and fun for you, so if you have any questions and concerns please ask, just follow the protocol for doing so. There will be a lot of regulations that you must learn; however, don’t be afraid to make mistakes. Put yourself out there and learn from errors how things are supposed to be done. It’s no big deal, just go for it and once you know the proper way to pose a question then use that method.

Become one of us, a future Officer in the United States Air Force

The Air Force is a structured environment, as is AFROTC so learn as much as you can and like I said before, follow the protocol. Actions and activities that have a protocol are asking questions, PT, marching, reporting in/out, uniform wear, and appearance. As a cadet you must follow all regulations/protocols, there are no exceptions. Learn this early on and you will be a great cadet. Good luck to everyone as you enter Zero Week, have fun, make friends, and learn how to become an officer in the United States Air Force!!!


Fitness is a huge part of being a cadet at Embry Riddle and also at any ROTC detachment or service Academy. If you plan to attend our University and be a part of either our Air Force or Army ROTC Detachments then you must be above the rest physically.

Embry Riddle Prescott is actually a pretty unique school that can really help you with your fitness. We have several fields, running trails, a track, gyms, a cardio room, and so much more to help our students stay in shape while they attend school here. The facilities are open to all students and you may use them at your leisure. The big difference about this University as compared to others is that we are actually about a mile above sea level in elevation here.

As a result of the elevation less oxygen is available so when you work out you are strengthening your lungs immensely. When you go to lower elevations you will then have an edge on other athletes because your lungs are so much stronger!!

This is also helpful if you are in ROTC because there are numerous facilities for you to work out in and build yourself up so you can perform well in PT. Adjusting to the elevation is a huge part of how you perform at this University in ROTC so the sooner you adjust the better, but be careful you can get sick or feel weak when working out here at first. It is normal just don’t overdue it and you will be fine. A slow adjustment is better because you work up to it over time and you don’t get sick from it 😀

Whatever you like to do to stay in shape we can accommodate you here!!

Fire Fighters

A recent tragedy as a result of the Yarnell fire, which is still burning about 35 miles from Prescott has left 19 of our local firefighters dead as a result of their heroic battle with the wildfire. We are a community in mourning today as we seek to recognize the brave individuals who are no longer among us. If you were a family member, friend, or someone who would like to support the community during these unhappy hours I ask you to please join us in a memorial service which will be held at the following location and time:

MONDAY, JULY 1, 2013
LOCATION: Activity Center, Building 83
Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University
3700 Willow Creek Road
Prescott, AZ 86301

We must not forget to honor those who put their lives on the line for the good of the community, it takes a special type of individual to sacrifice their own well being in order to serve the interests of the community as a whole.

For more information on the fire and the fallen firefighters please click here, and please remember to be a supporting hand to those who have lost their loved ones today.

Like to Read?

Some of the cool facilities that we have here are some that you might be quite interesting like the Hazy Library. The Hazy library was built with funds that were donated to the University by the Hazy family, with these funds we were able to build an awesome learning center that has two floors and several rooms dedicated to studying.

The top floor of the library houses the second half of what we call the Kalusa collection, it has 6000 model airplanes that John Kalusa started building in 1937. They were donated to the University upon his death in 2003, and the first half of the collection can be seen immediately upon entering the library.The collection has actually achieved the recognition of a Guinness World Record.

Kalusa holding his creations

Another cool part of the library is that all printing form the 44 computers is free, there are 10  rooms in which you may study or practice presentations, and the library is connected with the other libraries in the county so if you need a book that is not in the ERAU library we can have it transferred to us from another library.

There are so many other interesting facts about the Hazy Library and the other facilities we have on our campus, if you would like to know more I highly encourage you to stop on by some time and/or ask me some questions!!!

Fire Season??!!


I am sure many people across the nation have heard about the 7,000 acre fire burning in Prescott right now, I am writing to assure you that there is no imminent threat to the Prescott Campus of Embry Riddle. The faculty and staff are in constant contact with the Prescott Fire department and the other entities that are battling the blaze. Again there is no threat to the campus as the fire is heading away from Embry Riddle.

There is quite an extraordinary view of the wildfire from campus however, some of the pictures students have taken are featured here, but do not fear the campus is by no means in danger. Please see the Prescott news website for further updates on the current situation. At this point the fire has no threat to the campus, and faculty members are maintaining contact with the fire department to gather further information. There is no threat to the campus or of evacuation at this time. Other updates are available at the following news sources: AZ Central    Daily Courier   ABC 15

So Far So Good

Hello readers, if you do not know already I am a current freshman at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University Prescott Campus, and in this blog i will be catching you all up on what i have done all year long in terms of classes, clubs, Air Force ROTC, and more. First off I am going for my Electrical Engineering degree, as well as being a cadet in Air Force ROTC and have so far enjoyed the beginning of my career here.

The first semester, the first semester was pretty difficult because of the transition away from home, but class wise i was not taking anything difficult. Basic classes such as calculus, history, physics, as well as engineering 101, and Air Force 101. These classes are the main classes you will most likely have. I did get home sick for a period of time, but eventually that passed and I got used to living at school. The things I have missed the most were my dogs and home cooked food.

After the first semester i began to realize, this is it, the real deal. So once the second semester came around, I was well prepared. This semester I have taken Calculus 2, Physics 2, Engineering 115 aka (MATLAB), Humanities, and Air Force class 102. Although i am still not into the difficult classes yet i feel more prepared then i was at the end of last semester. My roommates and I enjoy going to the movie theater on the weekends, hikes, and out to eat, there are plenty of great restaurants in town, i suggest going into town and exploring, they have some interesting stores.

Now throughout the year I have been involved in many organizations, and activities in town and on campus. This past weekend i went into town for a chalk festival, held annually, this event is awesome and lots of fun. I also participated in the human society’s dog walk on campus. I am also a part of AFROTC Honor Guard and have done many performance in town as well as out of town. If you plan on joining AFROTC I highly suggest joining one of the teams in Honor Corps, such as Sabre, Rifle Drill, and Honor Guard.


The campus is easy to navigate getting to class in about 5 min is really nice. One of my favorite pass times is going to the gym on campus, and hiking across the street.

Hopefully you enjoyed my blog, if you want any more information feel free to let me know.