Career Expo at Embry-Riddle

Wow! What a crazy week. If you don’t already know this past week on Thursday          Embry-Riddle, Prescott campus held the school year’s first career expo. Followed by that starting on Friday was OctoberWest. Today I will go a bit into the career expo, and my next blog will be about OctoberWest.

As far as the career expo goes, for those whom never been to one I will give you a short description then I will discuss about this year’s expo.

A career expo consists of companies looking for interns, co-ops, or new employees. Usually career expos happen on a school campus. For instance at Embry-Riddle we have companies ranging from Garmin AT, Boeing, Honeywell, Edwards Air Force Test Center to the FBI and to Airlines looking for pilots. As an example this year Honeywell was only looking for Electrical-Engineer interns but Boeing was looking for a wide variety of Engineer interns.

Career expos are mostly if not always a professional environment, this means you need to dress appropriately (suits, business formal, etc…).

Fortunately for me I happen to be studying Electrical Engineering which is one of the most desired degrees of study at the moment. Most engineering companies are looking for experienced and knowledgeable young men and women. So if you are a freshman that has yet to take any higher level engineering classes, you are probably out of luck. But this is a great chance for you to connect with companies, learn what they’re about and make connections within the industry.

If you are a junior or senior your chances of obtaining an internship or a job are greatly improved. For those looking for a job/internship, it is customary to research the companies you plan on talking with. This shows you are very interested in there companies and you won’t be wasting their time.

So the next time the career expo comes around don’t forget to attend no matter what year you are in, learn about the atmosphere and what to expect and how to act.

Thanks for reading! Tomorrow I will update you on OctoberWest so stay tuned.

Overview of Electrical Engineering classes

Are you interested in studying Electrical Engineering or Computer Engineering? Well as a junior I am just starting to take all the core engineering classes at Embry-Riddle, Prescott. So if you decide to read further into this blog which I highly encourage, I will be covering what it’s like taking the first of many core Electrical Engineering classes.

Currently I am taking: Signal Processing, Electronic Device Design, Computer Science (C Programming) and Engineering Math. So why do these classes even mater? Engineering math is Essential the last math tools you need to to take the upper class Electrical Engineering courses. so far we have covered Fourier Series, which I have provided a link to information about if you click Here

.     As far as Signals goes, this class has struck my interest the most. I have so far learned about sampling, which is a necessary process for converting continuous (real time) time signals to digital signals. Learning about this and the process of amplitude/frequency modulation is pretty fun considering there are so many applications.

Too quickly sum up Electronic Device Design, the name says it all. Basic Op Amp applications in designing an amplifier. Applications and design of Transistors and more to come.

While taking these classes are demanding, don’t fear, by the time you come to your junior year you will be well prepared for the task at hand. The best way to keep up with everything is staying motivated, and enjoying what you learn. If you don’t enjoy it then you may consider studying another topic or learning in a way that is enjoyable to you. If you have any further questions that I can answer please feel free to comment or email me and thanks for reading.

Roommate Relationships

As of last weekend I took a camping trip at Lake Powell with my roommates, so with the experience I had I feel this is a great time to go into roommate relationships. There are s couple topics at hand but first I will get into what it is like having roommates. Then I will go into how to deal with them whether you like them or not along with some of my personal experiences.

Having roommates, one of two things can happen; 1) You like them and enjoy there company possibly becoming best friends or roommates in future semesters or two, you have serious roommate problems and cannot stand them. Both happen quit often and are very possible. Fortunately for me I have enjoyed my roommates and become very close to them.

Most of the roommates if not all are also new to the scene, just new to college no parents, new friends and a new lifestyle. It is a drastic change that we all deal with, but how you react to it and how you handle your relationships are all variables. In other words no one can tell you how your roommate relationships will turnout. But with a little effort from all parties it ca turn out nicely.

As I have just experienced a camping trip last weekend with my roommates, I hvae some good advice. The tip that you should hold at the top of your list is be PATIENT. yes be patient as you would with anyone else, at the same time if you encounter a problem confront it. Have a normal conversation about whats on your nerve. That is really the only thing to do I you don’t want your relationship with your roommates turning upside down.

You Will experience great moments and sad ones with your roommates, but all in all in the end all the experiences we have together shape our personalities. So take advantage of having a roommate and really get to know the person, I did and it has been one of the best decisions I have made being here at Embry-Riddle.

Junior Year Studying Electrical Engineer at ERAU

As you may already know I am currently a Junior at Embry-Riddle, Prescott campus studying Electrical Engineering. Today I will go into the awesome classes I am currently taking to give you an idea of what to look forward to in studying this field of engineering.

First off as Electrical engineers there are many different areas of expertise to get into, which means that as an undergraduate you will get a little taste of everything. so whether you like power or not doesn’t quite matter yet because you will take a power class anyway. This serves to our benefit though as it allows you to better understand what you would personally enjoy as a career.

So as far as I have come today I am currently taking; Signal Processing plus the lab, Electronic Devices plus the lab, Math for engineers with physics, and Computer Science 1 (a.k.a. C programming). Although we have just started the semester I personally enjoy the Electronic Devices class the most, so that is what I will go a little in to depth with next.

In Electronic Devices we will be getting into electronic circuits, such as an Integrated circuit compared to Discrete components. We will also get into Amplifier frequency response, Diodes, Transistors, and Feedback systems, although there is so much more I can talk about this is just a brief description. (Note: if you click on the link to electronic devices, it will take you to Wikipedia, yes I know you may be skeptical about Wiki. but it has a diverse amount of knowledge about the subject so feel free to take a look).

The reason I believe I enjoy this class in particular is because it is taught in a top down design, meaning you see the big picture of each little component first so you can really see how everything comes together.

Summer Classes at Riddle

Hello readers and followers. Forthcoming Is the end of Summer session A and the start of Summer session B. Today I will let you in on the ups and downs of taking summer classes. Do you want to take summer classes? Maybe your nervous that the class will be too fast for you? Or maybe you want a personal insight.

I am Currently taking two classes over summer session A at Embry Riddle. So far so good. I have to say I enjoy taking summer classes because there are no dull moments in class. Over the regular school year you will cover material and then review material, while this is a great way to get material to stick. The problem I run into is forgetting the stuff you learned early on by the time the exam comes around. Over the summer you learn new material everyday, most classes are either 6 or 8 weeks. Within this time a midterm will normally be issued three or four weeks into the class and another just before the final.

So there is no doubt you cover material fast, but what if you have a summer job? depending on how demanding the class is summer classes can be very time demanding. Since you cover new material every class day there is more homework to be covered in a shorter period of time. I am taking two pretty demanding classes, Differential Equations and Linear Circuits, I work as a lifeguard on weekends only.  Notice I said weekends only, working anymore then that is a bit ridiculous.

So if your still wondering if you should take summer classes, here is one last thought you should consider. Do you have the time for a class that is well paced and time demanding? Also, do you have the want or need to take this class? Maybe you need to take a summer class to stay on track for graduation, just keep in mind it takes hard work! If you have any questions feel free to email me.

Thanks for reading.

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Things to do Over Summer in Prescott AZ


When you don’t have a vehicle on campus it can get pretty boring after hours during the summer soooo find a friend with a car and check out Prescott or take a hike!! There are so many things you can do in Prescott for example……

The Dells are a beautiful rock formation next to Willow Lake just across from campus and they are a great place to hike, rock climb, canoe, have a picnic, ride a bike, run etc.

You can always go take a walk around Lynx Lake or have a picnic. There is a great little place up by the lake that has a fish fry deal on Friday nights, and man is it good!!!!

The Grand Canyon is not too far away and the drive is gorgeous!

The mall in town is fantastic and has all the big brand stores that we all love, that’s a great place to hang out and even get some food.

If you can’t get off campus then there’s also the Student Union which has all the latest video games, pool tables, shuffleboard, Foosball, and computer games as well!

The overall point is that there is a lot to do here in Prescott AZ, don’t be a stranger get involved in the community after all, you will want to know the town you may be living in for the next few years! It’s really a cooler place than you might realize at first 🙂

The Pool is Now Open


Come on down to our awesome salt water pool and have some fun!! That’s right folks, the pool is once again open for the season!!! It’s a great place to work on that tan, swim some laps, have a BBQ, or just avoid homework in general 😉


The pool will be open until October and daily hours are as follows:

11am to 7pm

We hope to see you there!!!!

Athletics at Riddle

If you are looking for an athletic scholarship then you might want to take a look at what Embry-Riddle has to offer.  As of this year Embry-Riddle, Prescott campus has taken on men and women’s Cross Country, as well as Women’s Softball on top of the already existing sports. which include: men and women’s Golf, men and women’s soccer, women’s volleyball, and wrestling. Competitive scholarships exist for student-athletes who have demonstrated a superior commitment to athletics, at the same time you must meet  minimum GPA requirement.

As far as I know if you are already a student you can always tryout for a position on a team as well as compete for a scholarship. If you want more information on scholarships then I would suggest calling the director of athletics.

Competing in the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics (NAIA), Embry-Riddle is a proud member of the California Pacific Athletic Conference (CAL PAC).

You may contact:  928-777-3777     or     Email:

Back to the Grind

Getting back in to the new semester can have its struggles but it’s always nice jumping back into reality after a nice break. In this blog I will discuss some things that we all dread and some things that we look forward to when coming back to start another semester at Embry Riddle, Prescott campus.

When it comes to starting the new semester there will always be the thought of stress from the load of work you will be taking on, In the back of our mind. Everybody deals with stress differently, but the best way to deal with the new semester, especially if you just finished a rough one and need to work on your GPA, is to come back to school prepared. When you feel prepared and ready to take on your responsibilities you will have the upper hand, you will feel confident in your work. Confidence can play a big part in success.

After about the first week of break I had had enough of the lazy days with nothing productive to do. So naturally I was excited to come back and start my studies again. Of course I was excited to see my close friends again but nothing beats the feeling of being one step closer to getting a degree and a big kid job.

Another plus to starting a new semester at Embry-Riddle is the experiences you will get from it. Not only is it a college experience but you will meet people from all over the world, with different talents and different ways of thinking. Its a great way to open your connections and view the world in different eyes.

I wish everyone good luck with the New Year and new semester.

– Adam Olimski