FTP Starts Now!!


If you join Air Force ROTC at Embry Riddle and you decide to continue in the program to become an Officer in the Air Force then you will go through Field Training Preparation (FTP) during the spring semester of your sophomore year. FTP, is exactly what it means, training to succeed in field training. It lasts the entire Spring semester and like other Air Force ROTC activities it runs concurrently with your schooling.

The overall goal of both FTP and Field Training is to mold you into an Officer of the United States Air Force. As I am now a sophomore it is my turn to go through FTP and Field Training. I am very excited to see what this new section of Air Force ROTC holds for me and I am also eager to attend Field Training as this will get me one step closer to my dream. I will let our reader’s know from time to time how things are going but, for now, I’m looking forward to the future and its challenges! Wish me luck!!

If you are interested in ROTC at Embry Riddle please click here for more information. Please comment with questions and I will do my best to answer them. Thank you!



Today was my last final!!! Now its time for the break to start πŸ™‚ I think that overall I did very well on my finals and now the waiting game for final grades begins…da nuh na!!!!

So whether you are finished with finals or not, the best tip I can give you is to sleep the night before, at least 5 hours of sleep will keep you functioning and give you the chance to study so, no matter what you do remember you have to sleep!! Pulling an all nighter is not as fun as it seems, trust me. I have done it once, thankfully not before a final but, I have seen what happens if you don’t sleep the night before a final. You look a little bit like this guy below, and you don’t get a chance to retake the exam.






So if you still have a few to go, sleep well, and study hard. You will do great!!!!

Even if you are sleeping in the library…..

Thanksgiving Break is on its way!!










In about two weeks Embry Riddle’s Prescott campus will be celebrating Thanksgiving Break, and boy are we ready for it!!! We have a mixture of students who go and home for Thanksgiving and those who do not. If you should choose not to go home during Thanksgiving do not fear, we are here for you!!!

Our Dining Hall staff actually cooks a full Thanksgiving dinner for students to enjoy and professors always invite students over to their homes to celebrate as well. Last year, I was unable to go home for Thanksgiving, so me and a bunch of friends went over to my MATLAB professor’s house for dinner and had a wonderful time πŸ™‚

Luckily, I will be going home this year and even though the break will only be four days long (because of travel time) I am very excited. There is nothing like a good home cooked meal and enjoying old traditions. Although now that we are all old college students, we can begin to make our own!!

So no matter where you will be celebrating this year, have a good time, and don’t be lonely!! The Embry Riddle community is here to welcome you and Thanksgiving is one of our favorite times of year πŸ™‚


Volunteer in the Community


Volunteering is a fun opportunity that can have amazing rewards in regards to personal growth, I strongly encourage you to go out there and get involvedΒ  in the community wherever it is you choose to go to college. Some ways that Embry Riddle Prescott students get involved are: volunteering in local schools, tutoring, awareness walks, air shows, and cemetery cleanups.

Since I have been a student at Embry Riddle Prescott I have volunteered in vigil, cemetery cleanup, benefit auctions, air shows, and cemetery research. The one volunteering project that probably stands out the most, besides vigil is the cemetery work. Its kind of strange for a college student to be going out and cleaning up an old cemetery that know one even remembers, but it is something that i enjoy doing.

Embry Riddle’s AFROTC Honor Guard

I really like this project, as unlike my other volunteering experiences it is an ongoing effort to honor the veterans and other nameless individuals that are buried in a forgotten cemetery not too far from Prescott. The reason I have grown so attached to this work is that I actually had my first performance as a member of Honor Guard in that cemetery. Since then I have wanted to continue honoring those who lay at rest there, and my hope is to remind others to honor them too.

So what I mean when I say that volunteering can enhance your character is that you might find a passion in a very strange place, that overall will make you a better person. Ever since I began to volunteer in the cemetery I have achieved a greater respect for life and a curiosity about those who are unnamed. It has been a year since we started the project and every day I work a little on it, hoping that I will get closer to finding their names. There hasn’t been much luck but, within the next few years my goal is to inspire others to continue this work and to not allow our predecessors be forgotten.

So as you can see, volunteering has made a positive impact on not only myself but, on the community. Now people know about the cemetery and our work there, we are getting an even bigger following every year.Β  It is my hope that others will find their own passions while volunteering and will pursue them in order to make not only themselves, but their community a better place.

Staying Healthy


Its that time of year again everyone! The weather is cooling down and all of our favorite winter coats are being dug out of the closets and worn throughout campus. Unfortunately, this also means that the cold season has also returned. So here comes my list of tips and tricks to stay healthy and succeed in school this winter.

1. Vitamin C- this can be found at literally every store in a variety of different forms. Vitamin C boosts your immune system and gives you energy.

2. Hydrate!! No matter who you are and what you do it is important to hydrate properly as this helps prevent illness and also helps you focus/ stay awake in class.

3. Stay Warm- wear layers and lots of them. If you get too hot you can always take off a layer and put it in your backpack. Gloves are also a great thing to have so that your hands do not get dry, crack and bleed. This can be a painful problem to deal with while taking notes in class.

4. Multi Vitamins- these just supplement your nutritional values. In other words, they help keep your body balanced so that you can perform better in school and keep yourself from getting sick.

5. If you do get sick, the best thing is mixing emergen-C supplements with orange Gatorade, it tastes like orange soda (YAY) and the combination boosts your immune system, electrolyte levels, and energy. This really helps you recover quickly from any illness, it works 9 times out of 10 in my personal experience.

6. Wash your hands!!! I know you hear this all the time but, it is a serious issue!!! You can cut down on the spread of germs by 90% by just washing your hands. Please, please, please do this, it is simply gross if you don’t!!

7. Cover your moth/nose- if you have to cough or sneeze cover your mouth or nose to block the spread of germs that go flying. It is best to do this using the inside of your elbow so that you don’t spread germs by using your hands to cover a cough/sneeze. If you do use your hands then WASH THEM. Better yet carry hand sanitizer πŸ™‚

8. Throw tissues away- if you have a runny nose, make sure you throw your tissues away and immediately wash your hands. This cuts down on the spread of germs!!! And you don’t have to pick up nasty tissues.


9. Wash the dishes- Don’t leave any dishes laying around, and wash them using HOT soap and water. This will eliminate germs and keep dishes clean.

10. (Last one I promise ) Wipe down door handles and frames- this is best to do if oyu or someone you live with is sick or has been sick. It removes germs from the surfaces that we most frequently touch so that they cannot be spread to others.

Overall, just be considerate of others. No one likes to be sick so keep that in mind, and if you do become sick and need more information or would like a check up then stop on by our Wellness Center on campus. Good luck in school everyone, stay healthy!!!!

October West Festivities


So as most of you probably know October West started this week and its been going great so far!! We are all very excited for the Air show to start tomorrow, myself and a few of the others bloggers will be out there so if you recognize us please feel free to say hi πŸ™‚ The coolest part of October West this year, besides the planes of course, was the unveiling of the Prescott campus’s very first completed Jet Dragster!!!!

We are all very proud of the work that this team has put in to produce the first Prescott dragster, just 4 years after the project all started here at our campus. The recognition of this hard work started with a fly over, speeches by the chancellor, Chris Larsen (the founder of Larsen motor sports), and finally a demonstration by Elaine Larsen.

The demonstration was so cool!!! At Riddle we love jet engine nose and this car was all engine!!! Intense flames poured outΒ  the back as it rolled its way across the tarmac and fans roared, it was seriously amazing!! If you were lucky enough to be at the event you could even feel the pulses from the engine firing. Some sweet pictures are included below, please look through and enjoy. If you can be at the Prescott Airport tomorrow, be there so you can have a look at that dragster and join in the festivities πŸ™‚

Fall is Finally Here

Even though the leaves aren’t changing yet, you can feel it in the air here at Embry Riddle Prescott: Fall has arrived!!!! The monsoons have been gone for about 2 weeks now and the winds have returned making it a little bit chilly out there. So for all of you newbies its time to break out the cold weather gear, and if your from California like me, you might have to go buy some.

I would just like to share with you what my favorite parts of fall are and see if maybe you would like to share with us here at Embry Riddle as well πŸ™‚ So the top things I like about Fall are:

Scarves- They are warm and stylish!!

Hoodies- comfy for class and studying

Cookies- In the upperclassman dorms we have ovens to make them in!!

Stew- Reminds me of home, and its a delicious way to warm up after a long day

Hot Cocoa and Tea- Relaxing and awesome.

Pie-Just because pie is awesome πŸ™‚

and………(Drumroll please)….Halloween!!

I really have no idea what I will wear for Halloween this year, although last year my friends and I dressed up as skittles πŸ™‚ We ran out of colored T shirts though and I ended up being the random skittle in the bunch, but it was still a ton of fun. During my freshman year we had a few engineers who made their own costumes and wore them to classes, so if you love fall as much as we do then this is the place for you!!!

Please stop on by and visit us here in Prescott, we would love to have you join us in our Fall Fun. To schedule a visit just click here!!!

Midterms are on Their Way!


Last Friday I had my first midterm exam in statics, and I’ve got two more this upcoming week. School is definitely progressing quickly around here. Soon it will be Thanksgiving and then finals time, its such a weird thing to think but, don’t let it catch you by surprise!! Start preparing now, don’t wait until the day before the exam to study, this is not high school, this is a highly respected University so don’t forget it!!

Tests are definitely something that need to be taken seriously, so like I said start preparing early by asking questions, doing the homework, reviewing up to 3 days before the exam and clarifying any topics that you are unsure of. Doing this will ensure a higher score on your exams, which will help that GPA!

Even though it can be easy to ignore what you have to do I strongly urge you to put your school first. Yes it is awesome to go out and have fun while you are in college but, don’t forget why you came here…EDUCATION. To get that degree you need to be successful academically, that is why it is so important to put studies first.

The best way to do so is to make a list of the homework and studying that you know you must complete. Do as much as you can every day and when you are finished take a break to enjoy yourself, go out and have some fun. This will really help out your grades and you will get the college experience that you wan at the same time.

So all in all enjoy yourself but, don’t let exams and classwork to catch you by surprise!!

Favorite TV Show


With all this homework I really am missing watching my favorite TV show, NCIS. The original one, not the LA NCIS however, both are pretty cool. The homework load has been pretty difficult but, once you get a routine down then it gets a little easier πŸ™‚ Just hang in there a break is coming soon and if you work really hard on homework one day then you will have less the next. The most important thing is to stay balanced, don’t stress yourself too much but, push your limits at the same time.

Doing so will make you feel awesome by the time you get to relax and watch your shows (or whatever it is you like to do to relax). So I would like to hear from you, what is your favorite show and why? Please comment below and let me know!!

I already told you what my favorite one to watch is but, not why. Basically, when I was younger I wanted to be a forensic scientist. Obviously I landed very far from where I started and its ok if you do that too. I’d like to hear all your reasons why, there are some pretty interesting people out there and here at Riddle we would love to know you!

Come and Visit!!


As most of you know, I am actually a tour guide for Embry Riddle Prescott, so I would just like to encourage you to come on out and tour our school. With the start of the semester we have had fewer and fewer students coming out for tours, we know your busy but, we would still love to meet you and show you the awesome place that we call home (temporarily of course).

The easiest way to schedule a tour is online at our main website for the Prescott campus but, of course if you are in the area and just want to stop on byΒ  we do allow walk ins as well. We offer two tour times, 9am and 1pm. While you are here you have the options of a Campus Tour, Flight line Tour, observing a class, meeting with a counselor, meeting with financial aid, meeting with Air Force/ Army ROTC, meeting a professor/coach……The list is endless!!!! If you would like to do it and we can get it arranged for you just let us know, we will do our best so that you can enjoy your tour experience here at Embry Riddle Prescott.

In the event of any special considerations we do also offer golf cart tours which go through the campus with a golf cart. This is for those who would prefer not to walk for the entire hour that the tour is being given. On average the campus tour is an hour, the flight line tour is an hour, and the meeting with an Admissions Counselor (which comes with every tour) can be anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour. So depending on what you would like to do and see at our campus your trip could be anywhere from an hour to three long (unless of course you also decide to meet with ROTC or any of our other campus entities). Like I said it is all up to you and what you are interested in.

I highly encourage you new High School Seniors to come on over and check out our school, we love it here and we hope that soon you will too!!