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Electrical Engineering

I made the big move to Embry-Riddle because of its outstanding reputation throughout the Air Force and community.

Summer Classes at Riddle

Hello readers and followers. Forthcoming Is the end of Summer session A and the start of Summer session B. Today I will let you in on the ups and downs of taking summer classes. Do you want to take summer classes? Maybe your nervous that the class will be too fast for you? Or maybe you want a personal insight.

I am Currently taking two classes over summer session A at Embry Riddle. So far so good. I have to say I enjoy taking summer classes because there are no dull moments in class. Over the regular school year you will cover material and then review material, while this is a great way to get material to stick. The problem I run into is forgetting the stuff you learned early on by the time the exam comes around. Over the summer you learn new material everyday, most classes are either 6 or 8 weeks. Within this time a midterm will normally be issued three or four weeks into the class and another just before the final.

So there is no doubt you cover material fast, but what if you have a summer job? depending on how demanding the class is summer classes can be very time demanding. Since you cover new material every class day there is more homework to be covered in a shorter period of time. I am taking two pretty demanding classes, Differential Equations and Linear Circuits, I work as a lifeguard on weekends only.  Notice I said weekends only, working anymore then that is a bit ridiculous.

So if your still wondering if you should take summer classes, here is one last thought you should consider. Do you have the time for a class that is well paced and time demanding? Also, do you have the want or need to take this class? Maybe you need to take a summer class to stay on track for graduation, just keep in mind it takes hard work! If you have any questions feel free to email me.

Thanks for reading.

My email: olimskia@my.erau.edu

Summer School in Prescott

Done with Finals! and ready for summer. I cannot get enough of the sun and I love the summer. Although I like to stay busy with work, taking one or two summer classes can be useful. Whether you are trying to get ahead or catch up on classes its a great opportunity.

The first thing you might consider summer classes for is graduation, are you on track to graduate on time? If not then I suggest summer classes. If it is a core class you need then I highly suggest taking it at the university you are attending to stay on course. This can also be a great way to get ahead so your future semesters aren’t as heavily weighted  on credits. But in the end, if you want to save yourself a semester, a $3,500 summer semester is much cheaper then a $15,000 semester. You could save yourself lots of money at the same time.


With some misconception, some may think that summer school will take away from all those fun summer activities. Not completely true, taking only one class can keep you busy enough from getting waayyy to bored.

At Embry-Riddle many summer classes are available over the course of two summer main sessions, summer a and summer b. ERAU Prescott offers almost anything you may need. Thanks for reading, good luck with finals and have a great summer.

Athletics at Riddle

If you are looking for an athletic scholarship then you might want to take a look at what Embry-Riddle has to offer.  As of this year Embry-Riddle, Prescott campus has taken on men and women’s Cross Country, as well as Women’s Softball on top of the already existing sports. which include: men and women’s Golf, men and women’s soccer, women’s volleyball, and wrestling. Competitive scholarships exist for student-athletes who have demonstrated a superior commitment to athletics, at the same time you must meet  minimum GPA requirement.

As far as I know if you are already a student you can always tryout for a position on a team as well as compete for a scholarship. If you want more information on scholarships then I would suggest calling the director of athletics.

Competing in the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics (NAIA), Embry-Riddle is a proud member of the California Pacific Athletic Conference (CAL PAC).

You may contact:  928-777-3777     or     Email:


Just last weekend we had a 3 day break so i spent my time at the Catalina state park just outside of Tuscon. There are plenty of places to camp in Arizona thankfully Arizona isn’t the largest state which makes traveling easy. So if you like camping then you just might enjoy this read.

You might be thinking that Arizona is just desert, well that’s not true. There is the Coconino National Forest, Prescott national Forest, Apache as well as a few others, plus depending on how far north you are you could get all four seasons. So there is plenty to get out of Arizona when camping.

As for the Catalina state park, I only have good recommendations. Fortunately it was nice and warm this time of year. The site is beautiful, you can see the sunrise over the mountain tops from the camp grounds. from the wildlife to the gorgeous nature  would definitely go back to hit the trails I didn’t get a chance to hike. 

They provide day parking for locals as well as the campers. But if you are looking for nice hikes then this is one place to check out. It has over 5 trails/loops to choose and plenty of wildlife to gaze at. The mountainous desert scenery is nothing to ignore, it is eye capturing. Although the whether remains relatively warm throughout the year, but at night it gets very cold so come prepared.

Now if you are looking for some more intense trails to hike then i wouldn’t recommend coming here, this park is family friendly and has some very easy short trails to some longer more enduring ones.

Thanks for reading, If you want more information about camping in Arizona then I would suggest doing some research about the area and weather conditions because AZ can be sneaky when it comes to weather. Thanks.

(BS) Bachelor of Science in Electrical, Computer and Software Engineering

If you have any kind of curiosity you might be thinking, well does Embry-Riddle offer anything else besides Flight and Aerospace Engineering? Of course we do, At both Campuses there is a variety of things you can study. From Aerospace engineering to Software engineering to Homeland Security.

Furthermore for more knowledge on the degree programs at ERAU visit: http://prescott.erau.edu/degrees/bachelor/index.html

But I am more Interested In discussing some of the newer degree programs like Electrical Engineering, Software Engineering, and Computer Engineering. these degree programs are in DEMAND! Its rare these days to find someone with one of these degrees and companies are looking for them. An Average calculated salary of an Electrical engineer is just under $90,000. But of course any Engineering degree will be great to have.

So what exactly do these degree have to offer? Well BSEE is an exploding field and has many jobs to offer, from Programing, research engineer, systems Engineer (Avionics), Test Engineer to Design Engineer. And if you are looking at getting into the military, and need scholarships or want a competitive degree? well this is it.

If you Choose to take up one of these technical degrees you will learn about circuits, circuit design/components, Systems, Controls and Programming. These are the basics of these degree programs, you will have the chance to understand what is happening inside your Playstation 4 or your XBox and your computer. The core of technology today is based off of what we know in these fields. If you think about it your everything from your phone to Facebook and your TV has required the knowledge of someone in these fields. Its quit amazing as I am studying Electrical Engineering at ERAU Prescott, I cant wit to get to my senior Design Project.

Almost every company that is looking for engineers is in need of Electrical Engineers, Software Engineers and Computer Engineers. These types of technical Degrees offer many challenges and types of classes. although each University may require you to take a few different classes or offer different technical electives, the overall objective is the same. For instance at Embry-Riddle you might pick up a minor in Unnamed aerial vehicle systems, which other colleges wont. Why does ERAU offer it and not others? well ERAU is aimed at Aviation and Engineering its as simple as that.

So  encourage all readers to take a look at Electrical Engineering, Computer Engineering and Software Engineering Degree Programs.

Thanks for Reading.


Marine Corps Officer Selection Program

There are many who know about Army, Air Force and Navy ROTC but what about the Marine Corps? To answer that question you should read this blog. I have recently finished my application to go to Officer Candidate School (OCS) through the  Platoon leaders Class which I will go more in depth about.

The first thing you are going to need to ask yourself is what does it take to be a Marine Officer and how can you reach that goal. OCS is very demanding physically and mentally there are actually a few different paths that you can take. First of course are the qualifications 1.Bachelors Degree 2.Physical Fitness Test (PFT). These and everything else I will be talking about can be found at www.Marines.com


What is Officer Candidate School?

OCS is a 12 week officer training program, this is where those who cant make it get booted and those who really want to be a Leader of Marines can truly show how much they want it. It is very tough and will break you down.


So what PLC does is take the 12 week course and allows you to attend two 6 week courses over two different summers.

Next is which path do you want to take. so what you need to know. You can do Navy ROTC (Marine Option) or Naval Academy (Marine Option), Platoon Leaders Class (PLC) and of course you can do OCS after graduation.

Each of these main choices have its pros and cons. For now I will consider the Platoon leaders Class. PLC is open to full time college students ages 17-28.

I have recently submitted my application through PLC, What you need to know about this option like all others is that you are applying (competitively) for a chance to go to OCS in the summer in between school semesters.It is a privilege to get the chance to become a Marine Officer. The process is simple, and enjoyable for those that really want it. Before you jumo right into it i suggest you do some research about the U.S. Marines and what it means to be an Officer of the toughest men and women in the military.

Do you have what it takes to become a Marine?

For the More information please visit the attached link here. To start the application process call the nearest Officer Selection Officer (OSO) or recruiter. Thanks for reading.

Back to the Grind

Getting back in to the new semester can have its struggles but it’s always nice jumping back into reality after a nice break. In this blog I will discuss some things that we all dread and some things that we look forward to when coming back to start another semester at Embry Riddle, Prescott campus.

When it comes to starting the new semester there will always be the thought of stress from the load of work you will be taking on, In the back of our mind. Everybody deals with stress differently, but the best way to deal with the new semester, especially if you just finished a rough one and need to work on your GPA, is to come back to school prepared. When you feel prepared and ready to take on your responsibilities you will have the upper hand, you will feel confident in your work. Confidence can play a big part in success.

After about the first week of break I had had enough of the lazy days with nothing productive to do. So naturally I was excited to come back and start my studies again. Of course I was excited to see my close friends again but nothing beats the feeling of being one step closer to getting a degree and a big kid job.

Another plus to starting a new semester at Embry-Riddle is the experiences you will get from it. Not only is it a college experience but you will meet people from all over the world, with different talents and different ways of thinking. Its a great way to open your connections and view the world in different eyes.

I wish everyone good luck with the New Year and new semester.

– Adam Olimski

The Dreaded Midterms

Midterms, the dreaded midterms. Nobody really wants to take them but they are there and will be there for a very long time. I will go over what midterms are like, some great study tips and how to stay sane when you have been studying all day.

We all have to take them at one point or another, the question is when should I start to study? Well first off most teachers that teach an engineering level course will allow you to bring one sheet of paper with whatever notes you would like, so take advantage of that. So when should i start to study, well usually you will be pretty busy as it is without the upcoming tests. So personally I start my studying the day before the review class. Yes teachers hold a review class. This way I know what is going to be covered in class and I will know what I have missed. Sure the leaves only about 3 days of studying that should be plenty of time if you have finished most of your homework.

Depending on your major you will need different study techniques. For example if you are taking a physiques exam, you should probably understand: 1. The equations and 2. When to use them. Where as for an English exam you will need to understand the rules of writing or even be able to comprehend a paragraph. Furthermore taking that into account you will come to find the best ways to study by personal experience.

Some people learn visually requiring a textbook or some other kind of visual aid, others may be able to retain and comprehend the information just from class. The biggest misunderstanding I see is the difference between studying to retain versus studying to comprehend the information. There is a big difference of the two. Most of the time you should study to comprehend the information, this means understanding why, when, and what you are doing. Don’t forget to take a break and let loose every now and again, the weekends are the best time to take advantage of this. The weekends are much better after a hard week.

Settling Back in

After having an awesome summer break from school, it feels great to be back in Prescott, AZ at Embry-Riddle. My first year was awesome, although a relaxing summer break was most definitely in need its nice to be busy with school again.  After having a long break I feel much more prepared for school than my first year or even last semester. I can honestly say first semester especially is difficult only because it takes time to adjust and adapt to the new environment you are in.

Getting back in the role of things was pretty easy this year, maybe because I was getting slightly bored near the end of summer, longing for the school year to start. That may sound weird but it is true. Some great things about going to school at Embry-Riddle in Prescott are the people you meet.I have met people that have inspired me in may ways. It becomes very easy to adjust when you find people like that, mainly because you are all going through the same deal. Like studying the same materials or being homesick we all go through it especially here since most students are studying the art of Engineering.

This year I live on campus, in the upperclassmen dorms. There are ups and downs to living on campus. On the plus you can take naps in the middle of the day, and walk all of one minute to the gym, and being in a close proximity of a lot of your friends makes things easier. On the downside you are always on campus. You will go crazy if you do not keep yourself busy with other things besides school. I have to say that is the biggest part of going to school or living at school in general is keeping you’re self distracted with other things. It helps you stay motivated in the middle of the year.

But back to settling in, the first year may seem somewhat crazy but the time management skills come in time, some sooner then others, it took me almost a full year. When you learn to use your time wisely, life as a college student becomes much more enjoyable. That is all I have for this blog, let me know if you have any questions.

Summer Job -The YMCA

Hey there readers in this blog you will learn about tips to finding a summer job if you are in high school or college so that you can make some spending money or just cash for gas. I will talk about somethings to look for in a job like any prerequisites and then my own personal experience that may help you.

So for those of you students out there that are looking for some money and or a job to keep you busy and start to build your resume. So for those that are looking to really start your resume and earn some money, The YMCA foundation is a great place to start! They have many opportunities for those that are age 16 and up. The company treats its employees very well. as i have learned from experience. But the best way to look for a job is by going into stores or business places and personally asking a manager if there are open positions available. This is the best way, sometimes they may give you some paperwork on the spot to fill out other times you will need to go online.

Some might think that they do not have many options and just get stuck with a job they do not want, this is not the case most of the time. look for SEASONAL positions as a way to start, usually water parks or any amusement park hires just before summer seasonal employees because the summer is a busy time.As friends and family about any jobs they can think of that could possibly hire.

Do your homework. You should always know what the job position requires physically as well as the description of the job. Such as life guarding, you should of course be a good swimmer. As well as the hours the  business will require you, consider any summer classes you will take, if you have a car or take the bus.

A good idea for saving money is opening a checking/savings account at a bank. For students in high school or college the account is free of charge. You must of course be 18 or have a cosigner if not.

From personal experience i have worked every summer since sophomore year in high school and I have found it beneficial to start working summers because now i have a lot of money and I am still pretty young. I started at Knott’s Soak city for two summers as a lifeguard and now have a position at the YMCA as a lifeguard. I definitely prefer the YMCA more, the pay rate is better, the scheduling is way more flexible and i get free access to the gym and pool. On top of that it looks really good on a resume for any position. Not only does working in the summer have benefits but more then like;y you will meet some awesome people.

Thank you for reading, I hope you have been informed!