The Importance of Hydration


As many of us have often heard hydration is extremely important to your health. This is your friendly reminder to hydrate in order to improve your brain function, prevent dark circles under your eyes, improve your workout endurance, and so much more. Studies actually show that sometimes when you think you are hungry that is a really a cue from your brain that you need to drink more water. This occurs because most people enjoy a beverage with their meal. It has also been shown that coffee, although a diuretic, does actually hydrate you to some extent. That dosen’t mean you can only drink coffee however.

So some easy tips to keep hydrated are grab a water bottle and take it to class, get a brita filter for your room, they might be expensive but they pay themselves off. Keep track of how much water you drink, it is recommended to drink 8 glasses of water per day. Mix a little juice into your water for flavor, fruit slices work too, and also drink a little gatorade.

If you follow these simple tips, you should be able to stay hydrated fairly well. Good luck 🙂 and remember hydration will help you focus in class and it also plays a role in preventing stress headaches!!

Volunteer in the Community


Volunteering is a fun opportunity that can have amazing rewards in regards to personal growth, I strongly encourage you to go out there and get involved  in the community wherever it is you choose to go to college. Some ways that Embry Riddle Prescott students get involved are: volunteering in local schools, tutoring, awareness walks, air shows, and cemetery cleanups.

Since I have been a student at Embry Riddle Prescott I have volunteered in vigil, cemetery cleanup, benefit auctions, air shows, and cemetery research. The one volunteering project that probably stands out the most, besides vigil is the cemetery work. Its kind of strange for a college student to be going out and cleaning up an old cemetery that know one even remembers, but it is something that i enjoy doing.

Embry Riddle’s AFROTC Honor Guard

I really like this project, as unlike my other volunteering experiences it is an ongoing effort to honor the veterans and other nameless individuals that are buried in a forgotten cemetery not too far from Prescott. The reason I have grown so attached to this work is that I actually had my first performance as a member of Honor Guard in that cemetery. Since then I have wanted to continue honoring those who lay at rest there, and my hope is to remind others to honor them too.

So what I mean when I say that volunteering can enhance your character is that you might find a passion in a very strange place, that overall will make you a better person. Ever since I began to volunteer in the cemetery I have achieved a greater respect for life and a curiosity about those who are unnamed. It has been a year since we started the project and every day I work a little on it, hoping that I will get closer to finding their names. There hasn’t been much luck but, within the next few years my goal is to inspire others to continue this work and to not allow our predecessors be forgotten.

So as you can see, volunteering has made a positive impact on not only myself but, on the community. Now people know about the cemetery and our work there, we are getting an even bigger following every year.  It is my hope that others will find their own passions while volunteering and will pursue them in order to make not only themselves, but their community a better place.

Tobacco Free Campus Starts in Prescott


Effective as of August 1st, all of Embry Riddle’s campus’s will be going completely tobacco free. This is a major change for some students however, there will be aid available to those who smoke or would like to quit using tobacco products as we all adjust to the new policy. We will be joining over 600 other college campus’s in the nation that have made the decision to go tobacco free in order to ensure the health of their students, faculty, and staff.

Many students agree that this policy is the right thing to do, a sophomore student Juan G. states that “The tobacco policy indeed should improve the environment of the campus into a more social place by allowing students who do not smoke to interact with those who do/used to smoke. As students who smoke and students who do not often remain in separate groups, this policy will break down that barrier.”

It is everyone’s hope that the transition for all students will go positively, if you are a tobacco user and you would like additional help in abstaining from the use of tobacco products there will be help available to you. The official news release sites sources for help which are also located here. For tobacco cessation in Prescott click here, for Daytona Beach click here. Thank you, for reading and complying with our new policy.

Fire Season??!!


I am sure many people across the nation have heard about the 7,000 acre fire burning in Prescott right now, I am writing to assure you that there is no imminent threat to the Prescott Campus of Embry Riddle. The faculty and staff are in constant contact with the Prescott Fire department and the other entities that are battling the blaze. Again there is no threat to the campus as the fire is heading away from Embry Riddle.

There is quite an extraordinary view of the wildfire from campus however, some of the pictures students have taken are featured here, but do not fear the campus is by no means in danger. Please see the Prescott news website for further updates on the current situation. At this point the fire has no threat to the campus, and faculty members are maintaining contact with the fire department to gather further information. There is no threat to the campus or of evacuation at this time. Other updates are available at the following news sources: AZ Central    Daily Courier   ABC 15

Student Life

When you are choosing colleges or Universities that you might want to attend how much do you think about the student life? Well, most students say that it is one of the most important aspects of their decision and because it is so important wouldn’t it be nice if a current student told you what it was like? Well your wish has been granted!!!

I’m Cherie Gambino, an Engineering student at Embry-Riddle Prescott campus  🙂 In my year or so on campus I have greatly enjoyed my experiences here, from watching movies in the amphitheater to laughing at comedians we have it all. Embry Riddle really tries to focus on the student and what is important to them so we have several campus organizations that operate to enhance your experiences at Riddle. These are Student government, the Board of Campus Activities, Greek Life, the Residence Halls Association, Horizons Newspaper, Riddle Vision, and Riddle Radio. In the fall there are also special programs for incoming freshman such as the Passport Program which hosts all kinds of fun  barbecues, competitions, and movie nights.

Orientation Day 1


The campus organizations that organize these activities are active year round so there is at least 2 or 3 events occurring during the week. For example, last week there was a pizza party at the pool, a memorial day barbecue, and a movie night where myself and a few other students got to go see the new Star Trek movie at the Harkins theater.

Some of our other cool events and organizations are listed below, feel free to check them out and get to know the fun side of Embry-Riddle 🙂

October West

Passport to ERAU

Passport Program Events


Local Events in Prescott

Summer Summer Summer

Summer over Willow Lake

This is my second week of summer courses here at Embry Riddle Prescott and so far I’ve really enjoyed it. I am only taking one class, Calculus 3, in a condensed six week period but, I have high hopes for how it will turn out 😀 I have taken a summer math course before but, not at Embry Riddle. I greatly enjoyed the experience as summer course are intense and crammed with information but at the same time they are very relaxed and fun.

At least that was the impression I gained from my first summer course in mathematics and hopefully this impression remains the same!! In addition to my class I am working in the Admissions department, so if you stop on by campus this summer you might see me or even get a campus tour from me.

Other than that not much has been going on here at Riddle except for moving into summer housing, attending campus barbeques, and chilling at our pool. The campus is a relaxed place over summer and it is extremely opportune time to come visit so that you, the potential student, can gauge the community that has developed on campus.

Everyone here is really nice and we would love to meet you here on campus sometime, so please come join us for some summer fun!!

Bataan Memorial March

Happy Easter followers. I hope you are enjoying my blog so far, today i am going to talk about my ways to keep yourself busy, how community service is beneficial and mainly experience at the Bataan Memorial Death March this past month.

One of the ways I keep myself busy and on track with school is by getting involved, and challenging myself to new heights, attainable goals that is. Not only does keeping yourself busy help your grades but you will have better experiences and memories.  Not just getting involved in the school but the community as well by doing community service. It is proven that a student who has a well balanced schedule will have better grades then a student who does no or little extra activities.

So the last community service act i participated in was the Bataan Memorial Death March, in White Sands, New Mexico. Participating in this event with a few members from the Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University AFROTC Detachment.

It wasn’t just any community service though, it was a weekend long experience that i will never forget. The Bataan Memorial Death March is a 26.2 mile hike/run that raises money for the Wounded Warrior Project, it really is an experience seeing different kinds of people from all over the world, not only the states but from 7 plus countries come to support and challenge them selves in this event.

HINT: Community Service looks great on RESUMES. Even if you are in ROTC this       (and other Community service) looks good on your part towards the cadre and your peers especially if you need a pilot slot or field training position.

Taking me ten and a half hours to complete with a ruck, I will definitely be back for the next several years to participate, whether you do it alone or with a buddy i would suggest checking it out online.

For more information, visit

Not only are you receiving community service for events like this and supporting the troops in a big way but getting a great experience. And if you like challenges then this is something yo wont want to miss.

Events like this are also a great way to motivate yourself in life, especially if your a college student and want to take a little break and have a great time while being productive at the same time.

Thank you for reading, i certainly hope you enjoyed this topic. For more information or a specific blog feel free to let me know.

Veteran’s Day

As we all know, Veteran’s Day was this past weekend, so in light of my participation in Embry-Riddle’s activities to support our veterans I would like to tell you about how Embry-Riddle honors our veterans every year. As a little side note, there are a few hundred veterans on campus as well as a few hundred Air Force and Army Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) cadets.  The campus is very military friendly.

The experience was extremely rewarding and the activities that I was a part of this past weekend will be the most notable memories of my freshman year. I am a member of the Detachment 028 Air Force ROTC Honor Guard Team, which is basically the military group that presents the colors before football games and at other various types of ceremonies.  Each year the Honor Guard Team and the other teams in the Detachment 028 Honor Corps go to the Prescott Veteran’s Memorial Hospital and conduct a 24 hour vigil around the flag. This year’s vigil was my first time performing as an active member of the Honor Guard.  Just being able to stand at attention and endure a mostly sleepless night for the sake of vigil was an incredible experience. It really made me think about why I had chosen to become a member of the team and why I had put in so many long hours at practice when other cadets hadn’t.

The reason is this: millions of people died to protect our freedoms, an almost equal amount have endured incredible hardships as prisoners of war, and countless others have been labeled as missing in action. These brave young men and women never got to say a final goodbye to their families, never got to see their homes again, and because of their sacrifice they must never be forgotten.

This is so important to me as a freshman in the Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corps because I know that I will be the next in line to take up the defense of this country.  Being a participant in Vigil really changed my viewpoint.  I appreciated veterans before but when I stood guarding the flag as a symbolic representation of those who took up arms in its defense, I truly came to understand the magnitude of the hardships my predecessors had undergone.

Honor Corps Vigil 2012


I can honestly say that if I had not decided to come to Embry-Riddle I would not have had the opportunity to stand vigil and I would not have grown from the experience like I did that weekend. This freshman year has been an amazing growing process and my Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corps commitments have truly helped me mature. I have made a ton of great friends along the way and become a part of the family that I call the Honor Guard. When I need help with school work they are there, and if I’m having a bad day they are there too.  I have found a home away from home at Embry-Riddle and I hope that you will too!

Helping the community

One reason why I joined Greek Life, specifically Sigma Chi, was beacuse of the service to the community they serve. Just today we got to work with the Prescott Creek Society to help clean up a wildlife refuge that used to be an illegal dumping site. I thought that we were just going to pick up trash like wrappers and trash bags and things like that but man were we in for a shock. As soon as we get there I see a bunch of shovels out there for us. As the President of the Prescott Creek Societyexplained to us what we had to do, our enthusiasm grew. We were told that we could find anything under the soil. Doors, water heaters, tires, and big junk was some of the things that they had previously found.

We started walking and in the first 2 minutes, we spotted what looked like a bumper sticking out of the sand. We thought it was just a bumper so three of us began to dig. As we dig an dig, turns out half of a car was burried under there. Took us a good hours to dig and move the entire thing into the trailer (I’m working on getting pictures so once I get them, I will post them). In the end, we found (other than the car), a couple of water heaters, a stove, sheet metal, barrels, tires, and a really big piece of metal. I swear I think that we moved a ton, and I mean a ton of stuff. I’m really happy for what we did, and thanks to Sigma Chi and ERAU, I can also give back to the community.